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Hobby to Career: 9 Tips from a Career Counsellor

Hobby to Career: 9 Tips from a Career Counsellor

Many times, somewhere along the journey of growing up, we lose sight of our true passions and hobbies in the pursuit of careers that offer us status/financial gain. If you are someone who wants to hold onto your passion and turn your hobby into a full time career, follow these powerful tips from an expert Career Counsellor!

First, let us understand…what is a Hobby?

A hobby is an activity or an interest which is pursued bypassing the leisure time for your relaxation or pleasure. It is an activity that we undertake not for occupation or pay. The passion with which you pursue your hobbies keeps you energised and lively. So, imagine, “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Waking up every day excited to go back to work, coming back home feeling happy and satisfied waiting to do it all over again the next day – that is the

The most obvious way of living the dream life is by making your hobby or passion your main income source. Once you do so, your workdays will be as exciting and fun as your weekends. This whole idea may sound very good but there will be a lot of hurdles when you reach there. It is not an easy path to get there.

According to our expert career counsellor, if you follow these 9 tips when trying to turn your hobby into a career, you will surely find success:

  1. Pick a hobby that you are really passionate about:

If you have more than one hobby, then you have a choice of which one to focus on and develop into a career. Pick a hobby that really excites you, pushes you to spend time achieving perfection and that really makes you happy.

  1. Build proficiency:

Pursuing something as a hobby is very different from building a career out of it. To do the latter, you will need expertise in the field. This expertise may be achieved through practice or formal training. You must make sure that you are well versed with the work in order to avoid competition and be at the top.

  1. Start small:

The best career counsellor will be sure to advise you to have some money saved apart from that which will be required to set up your business as a backup. You must begin on a small scale to see how well your product/service performs if there is demand in the market for it. You must test your plan on a small scale first to avoid facing large effects like losses.

  1. Test your product/service:

Before launching your product/service it is very important to consider the reactions and opinions of its consumers. This will help you to identify any kind of vulnerabilities that exist in the product/service and fix them in order to make it foolproof. You would not want to launch your product/service without understanding what impact it has on the consumers and watch your hard work go to waste because of such ignorance.

  1. Research:

It is essential to first study the industry you are going to enter. Find out how your potential competitors do their job, how well they advertise their products/services, how much do they charge for it. Try to do as much research as possible to understand the formula of success in the industry and figure out what you can do differently to make your service unique.

  1. Make a plan:

A good plan is the backbone of your business, a career counsellor will help you devise a plan, but it is your responsibility to execute it. Study the markets, strategies of your potential competitors, and carefully devise a plan to meet your goals and work according to it.

  1. Publicise:

Get a website built for your business. Tell your family and friends about the business. Promote it on social media platforms. Social media is the biggest and the most effective advertising way in today’s technology-dependent world.

  1. Always keep innovating:

Even when you successfully establish a career from your hobby, it is a difficult job to maintain your position in the market and satisfy the ever-changing expectations of your customers. No matter how successful you become, you always must brainstorm new products or services you can provide or new ways you can better your services.

  1. Give importance to all kinds of feedback:

Unbiased feedback from the consumers of your products/services is very crucial in trying to analyse the shortcomings of your service and work on improving them. While positive feedback boosts your confidence, negative feedback or suggestions help you improve and so you must always welcome and appreciate all kinds of feedback.


If you want to have a great career, first identify your passion or your interest and then try to pursue that interest, and definitely, your passion will lead you to a successful and satisfying career. When you transform your creative hobbies into a successful career keeping in mind the above tips, then you will have a fulfilling life. A career counsellor might be the guide and support you need to help you make this dream into a reality.

But the above tips are just a guideline which may or may not lead you to the path of success. You should be able to make a proper decision about which passion or hobbies of yours could be that polishing stone which could make your career bright. That is where the career counsellors come in handy.  Now in this era of cut-throat competition, we can not afford to take chances. So, connect to the link or login to the website and find your perfect career counsellor.

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