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Best Marriage Counselor in Mumbai | Relationship Therapist

Best Marriage Counselor in Mumbai | Relationship Therapist

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal is one of the best marriage counselor in Mumbai. He offers couples a safe and confidential space to understand the root cause of their concerns and build a stronger bond. His guidance and therapeutic tools allow the couple to explore their emotions and learn to communicate them openly. ‘

He also equips couples with essential skills such as problem-solving, building empathy, compassion, and mutual understanding. His approach goes beyond traditional marriage counseling and also incorporates self-discovery and individual growth.

“I have counseled more than 500 couples. In my two decades of experience, I have observed that partners, especially women toss their dreams and goals. They gulp down their anger and disappointment simply to keep the peace. That is not good. Neither for them nor for their marriage. Not just women, but even men somewhere become desensitized to certain things in marriage. Why? It is essential to communicate, resolve, and grow in any successful relationship”

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal encourages couples to dig deeper and understand what it is that they truly want from their partners, their marriage, and themselves. This holistic approach creates lasting changes that help the couple build a strong foundation and experience the bliss of a peaceful and happy marriage.

Will Marriage Counseling Help?

Whether marriage counseling will help or not depends on several factors. It is advised that both partners show mutual commitment and consistency in the process of marriage counseling. Moreover, there needs to be a willingness to work on changing habits and patterns that are negatively affecting the marriage.

For instance, if one partner has a problem with confrontation then being passive-aggressive can lead to even more conflicts. Hence learning how to communicate directly can be useful. Plus it is equally important for the other partner to create a safe space and demonstrate patience and compassion.

Another factor that determines the success of marriage counseling is the expertise of the marriage counselor. The best marriage counselor is the one who understands the unique needs of the couples and tailors the therapy accordingly.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal conducts a thorough analysis of the couple’s past patterns and present concerns. His approach is unconventional and includes alternative modalities such as Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Healing.

Take the example of a couple who faced conflicts that had no base in their present reality. Turns out that they were under the influence of the evil eye cast by a close family member. Mr. Sanjeev Mittal helped dissolve the negative energies and provide protection. He also provided counseling and equipped the couple with skills that helped them strengthen their relationship.

In conclusion, marriage counseling will help in improving your marriage given that you have chosen a good relationship therapist and are committed and consistent.

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How to Find a Good Marriage Counselor in Mumbai?

Call 91-9321073548/9321447981 or CLICK ON THIS LINK to book a session with Mr. Sanjeev Mittal. He is one of the top and most experienced marriage counselors in Mumbai. His expertise goes beyond conventional counseling methods and incorporates Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Healing.

Having doubts? You can opt for a 10-minute Free Consultation with Mr. Sanjeev Mittal as well. Contact us today for the best marriage counseling services in Mumbai, India.

Visit the Holistic Living Counseling Centre in Chembur, Mumbai.

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