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Best Marriage Counseling in Mumbai 2024

Best Marriage Counseling in Mumbai 2024

The Holistic Living is rightfully recognized as one of the best therapy centers for marriage counseling in Mumbai. Our certified and experienced marriage counselors have a 95% success rate, and our testimonials speak for themselves.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, the founder of Holistic Living and a renowned therapist has a stand-out approach when it comes to therapy and counseling. He believes that the best results can be achieved only when we treat our mind, body, and soul as a single entity.

In the context of marriage counseling, he has a very hands-on approach, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to reviving and rebuilding a relationship. He does not like to restrict the process of marriage counseling to traditional methods. Rather, he dives deep into the root cause of the issues and gives a holistic solution to the couple’s nagging concerns.

Take the example of Sharan and Srushti. A beautiful couple who lives in Bandra, Mumbai. Their marriage was plagued with constant issues and conflicts. Whether it was an argument over a petty topic, or unforeseen obstacles in their plans, something was not quite right. There was no sense of peace or happiness left in their marriage.

With a last thread of hope, they decided to consult Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, one of the best counselors in Mumbai, India. He took a few sessions to gain clarity and understanding of their persistent issues. Sharan and Srushti were stuck in an unhealthy pattern of communication. There was a constant tug of war between them, and none of them could find a way to understand each other.

In addition to that, Mr. Sanjeev Mittal could also sense the influence of an external negative energy. Through aura scanning techniques and his spiritual intuition, he could detect the source of the negativity from one of Sharan’s close family members.

The process of marriage counseling involved A) working on their communication styles and developing mutual understanding and B) Dissolving the effects of negative energy and providing them extra protection.

This holistic process of marriage counseling proved to be a total game-changer for the beautiful couple. They could solidify their bond, learn healthy ways to communicate with each other and resolve conflicts more effectively.

Moreover, the healing provided by Mr. Sanjeev Mittal cleared the negative energy and blockages. Once the unknown barrier was lifted, Sharan and Shrusti felt closer to each other. They felt more positive toward their marriage and got a renewed sense of energy to put effort into their relationship.

Sharan and Shrusti’s journey sheds light on the diverse dynamics that can affect a marriage. Internal and external factors can play a huge role in determining the success of a relationship. Marriage counselors at Holistic Living, Mumbai consider and understand these factors when determining the course of action.

Perhaps that is the reason why Holistic Living is lauded as one of the best therapy and counseling centers in Mumbai. We offer marriage counseling, family counseling, hypnotherapy, past life regression, akashic record reading, and varied healing modalities to ensure that our client’s issues are resolved from their roots and that they find the strength needed to create their dream life.

If you are searching for the best marriage counseling service in Mumbai then it is advisable to make an informed decision before you invest your time, money, and hopes.

Read more about Marriage Counselling HERE.

You can also opt for a 10-minute Free consultation with our best relationship therapists. Call 91-9321073548/9321447981 or CLICK ON THIS LINK NOW!

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