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9 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Children

9 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Children

Why should adults pocket all the benefits when children can also enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga? Yoga has numerous benefits, that is the reason why it is introduced and promoted in schools and colleges not just in India, but across the world. 

If you wonder why so much emphasis is put on learning yoga, read the blog and know it all for yourself – 

Amazing benefits of yoga for children –

Improved Concentration

Among the various benefits of yoga for children, improved concentration and retention power claims the top spot and rightly so because this leads to better academic performance. 

Yoga also helps in improving the memory of the children and helps in cognitive development. 

Reduced stress

benefits of yoga for childrenYour parents must have told you that they never faced anxiety or stress in their childhood. But the times have changed drastically and children have to battle stress and anxiety early on. This is because of the demanding social atmosphere and crazy competition.

For those who struggle because of heightened pressure and competition – Yoga helps to reduce the clutter/mental chatter thereby reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga also helps the children to cultivate inner peace. 

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Improved posture and flexibility 

Yoga is inseparable from Asanas(poses). Practicing these Asanas helps the students to improve posture as well as flexibility, one day at a time. When the posture is improved, it automatically enhances the physical appearance. 

Body awareness, which is an outcome of practicing yoga, helps to create a positive body image and boosts the confidence of young children.

Introduction to mindfulness

Practicing yoga can provide you with an early ticket into the world of mindfulness. Yoga’s innate quality is to bring your attention to the present moment. Yoga enhances your senses, and you start becoming aware of your body and your surroundings. 

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Reduction of violence in schools

The practice of yoga in school promotes peace, amity, and harmony. Yoga also helps to alleviate the feeling of loneliness, FOMO(Fear of Missing Out), reduces absentees in school, and reduces aggressive behavior among children

Yoga can be practiced easily in all the schools as it does not need any special type of equipment. You just need a mat and you are ready to go!

Healthy coping mechanisms 

a girl in yoga posture benefits of yogaIf adolescent students aren’t taught, introduced to healthy coping mechanisms they tend to fall back on disastrous coping mechanisms like smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol, isolating themselves, impulsive eating. 

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Balanced sleep cycle 

Yoga helps to keep your circadian rhythm balanced. People who practiced yoga regularly have testified, they are able to manage the symptoms of insomnia and other sleep disorders. 

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Improved appetite 

One of the top benefits of yoga is improved appetite. You won’t have to worry about your child’s appetite and if he/she practices yoga regularly. Yoga also helps to maintain a healthy weight and improves metabolism which is the need of the hour as the obesity epidemic looms over us. 

Uplifts immunity 

Among the numerous benefits of yoga, its ability to enhance immunity holds significant value as our highly globalized world seems to churn new viruses every day! Yoga increases the core strength and can help prevent non-communicable diseases. 

Master the art of perseverance

Mastering the art of perseverance is one of the outcomes of performing and practicing yoga. Perfecting an asana (pose) requires so much patience, perseverance, and resilience that children get accustomed to such conditions and are able to tackle life scenarios wisely. 

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