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7 Ways to Keep Blood Pressure and Diabetes at bay – A Personal Note

7 Ways to Keep Blood Pressure and Diabetes at bay – A Personal Note

Avoiding blood pressure and diabetes is NOT tough any more!

Blood pressure and diabetes are common conditions that are found in at least 3 out of every 10 people. Independently or together, they are dangerous illnesses that can influence an individual for a lifetime. Everyone wants to avoid them but in order to do so, you have to work and sacrifice. Work towards a healthy lifestyle and sacrifice to gain the same. If you have diabetes you are likely to get blood pressure as well and it becomes difficult to maintain. With all the work pressure and balancing personal life with it, I had the fear of getting blood pressure. I started taking up small measures so I would never have to welcome these ailments in my life.

Checking my blood pressure every day is a good measure to be followed while trying to prevent it. You can also get yourself in a community so that you never lack the motivation. Despite these, listed below are 7 simple ways you can follow to transform yourself into a healthy you.

  1. Devote an hour:

Investing an hour of your daily schedule to your well-being can satisfy you for the remainder of your life. How? Just exercise. Be it morning or evening. Be it walking, running, or yoga but never forget to exercise. Daily activity can help your body system work smoothly and the blood glucose levels and blood pressure is controlled. For the past two years, I have never forgotten to exercise even if I have a workload because this has truly helped me to keep happy and active.

  1. Maintain your weight:

Maintaining a certain weight that is perfect for your age is very essential if you want to avoid blood pressure and diabetes. For this, you must have a reasonable eating regimen and have to increase the intake of green vegetables and fruits. Try to remove sugar and processed food from your diet. You can generally have everything in little amounts however processed meats and sugar can trigger such infections.

Say No to Smoking

  1. Stay away from smoking:

If you are addicted to smoking, you will never be able to avoid deteriorating health conditions. Studies show that smokers are typically more inclined to diabetes and blood pressure. Thus, if you want to improve your health and avoid these diseases stop smoking. You can do it by seeking professional help and consulting a coach. If you consume alcohol, try and limit its consumption to keep yourself away from such chronic diseases.

  1. Are you a foodie?

Somewhere down the line, we all are foodies, don’t you agree? But we have to sacrifice something to gain. I loved to eat fries and various types of packaged foods available at the market. Eating junk food at least thrice a week had become a normal practice for me some years back. I could realize what harm it will cause my body if I do not stop eating such food frequently and to prevent blood pressure and diabetes this is extremely important. One way to do this is to develop a habit of eating vegetables whenever you crave any junk food.

  1. Feeling thirsty?

Whether you are at work or at home, make it mandatory to drink water when you are feeling thirsty. Sweetened beverages always provide a great taste and we tend to drink them but the body dissolves the sugar from them rapidly. This results in insulin resistance and you can have diabetes. As we all know, water is one of the best fluids for the body and it helps in keeping your system healthy. So, from today drink water whenever thirsty and forget about every sweetened drink if you want to avoid diabetes and blood pressure.

  1. Reduce salt in your cook:

Salt contains a good amount of sodium which can trigger your blood pressure. Not only blood pressure but salt might also affect your heart by narrowing the blood vessels. Thus, having a limited amount of salt in your food can prevent you from having high blood pressure and you can replace it with healthier food items or just add a pinch of it when you cook.

  1. Meditate your way out:

We all know how meditation and mindfulness can help us in almost every stage of our life. It also helped me to avoid the presence of these diseases in my body. Stress is the biggest enemy of our body and can instigate high blood pressure and diabetes as well. To reduce stress and start fresh every morning, I at least give half an hour to meditation and it relaxes and calms my mind. Having a stress-free life can help you avoid these diseases and live peacefully.

Exercising Keeps Blood Pressure Scare at Bay
Exercising Keeps Blood Pressure Scare at Bay

These steps have assisted me in keeping healthy and acted as great preventive measures for diabetes and blood pressure. If you follow these ways carefully and above all if you exercise daily, you won’t ever be inclined to any such sickness. Meditation is also a great way to keep yourself in the best shape, mentally as well as physically. Personally speaking, changing my diet and giving one hour to yoga has helped me a lot and I can assure you it will help you too.

There might be some issues troubling you while following these ways or you might be confused on how to start. There is no reason to worry. Book yourself an exclusive session with one of the health coaches from The Holistic Living and get guidance for yourself. You can explore their wellness store as well as the blog section for some insightful and helpful articles and products. Be fit, be healthy!

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