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10 Effective Parenting Tips for 2022

10 Effective Parenting Tips for 2022

Are you a parent and want to know about parenting? This article might help you. Keep reading to know more.

The splendour of technology has encapsulated the young minds and hearts which has led the kids away from the attention span of their parents. When you see around yourself, you find kids are bound to mobile, social media, the Internet, and the latest buzz of the techno world. So, it is obvious that the parents are worried about raising their kids in the techno-savvy world. Kids are becoming more and more bounded to technologies. And the generation gap or technology gap between the parents and kids are becoming more adverse. Modern parenting coaches and child counsellors 

When you investigate the ancient history of parenting which is described below, you will realize how the values, cultures, and traditions were passed on generation after generation. Pancha Kutumba Sadhana i.e. the five Vedic parenting guidelines which describes the principle that guides parents in setting strong religious examples that nurture kids and help them to follow the path of Dharma thereby passing this to the next generation.

  1. Dharmachara (Good Conduct): Parents should always behave in a way they want their kids to behave when they are adults as they are the ones who influence the most in their kid’s life.
  2. Dharma Svagriha (Home Worship): Parents should maintain a separate shrine room in their home where all the family members can sit together and worship seeking refuge from the karmic storms in our life. It is rightly said that a family who prays together, stays together.
  3. Dharma Sambhashana (Talking about Religion): Parents should always speak about Vedic Precepts while driving, eating, and playing. This gives kids a better understanding of the right perspectives so that their dharmic voice can be stronger.
  4. Dharma Svadhyaya (Continuing Self-Study): Parents should always be updated and keep on studying the Vedas, Agamas, and sacred literature which can be imparted to the kids to prepare and guide them in their own future progeny.
  5. Dharma Sanga (Following a Spiritual Guru): Parents should choose a preceptor, a traditional Satguru, and lineage to follow so that the Guru in turn provides them clear guidance to lead a successful and religious life.    parenting

But in this ultimate change of scenario how can we still incorporate the values to our kids while still achieving the best parenting award if any is available. Here are some tips which could be used:

  1. Be a good role model:

    Do not ever tell your children what they should do unless you follow the same rules. a child mostly learns by imitating his parents so show him/her your positive attitude and behaviour.

  2. Set reasonable limits:

    Exploring the world on their own can become overwhelming for children. Take charge of teaching children how to survive in this world. Teach them with patience. Let your children grow in a good space when they start to become capable of handling matters on their own, allow them to. Always keep watching over them but remember that they must grow to be independent. Discipline is for teaching children how to be competent and responsible; you should not confuse this with hard punishments.

  3. Avoid negative reactions like anger:

    If your child is doing something wrong, you got to explain the right way to the, very politely. Do not be angry at them. It will only worsen things. Kids may feel discouraged and look down upon themselves. Remember to always be patient with your child, no matter what.

  4. Create good memories for your child:

    When your child grows up, they probably will not remember what you said to them, but they will remember the good stuff you did together. Make time for your child every day, play with them, talk to them, read books together, read bedtime stories for them. Give them warm things to remember about their childhood. It is always the little things that matter.

  5. Become the person they can loop up to:

    Kids learn a lot by watching others and since they will spend most of their important years with you, you must try to be a good role model. Always tell the truth. Be kind to everybody. Be considerate towards protecting the environment. Show your children that it is not very difficult to care for the environment by using water carefully, creating less waste, recycling stuff. Participate in surrounding cleaning movements, encourage your child to join you. Handle your differences with family members smartly.

  6. Always try to boost your child’s confidence:

    Always praise the good behavior of your child. Point out the good things that they do and appreciate them. This will boost your kid’s self-esteem. Give simple rewards like extra cookies, or ice cream, or a day out whenever your child does something good.

  7. Talk about social behavior:

    Communicate with your children. Ask them about their day at school, their friends, how they deal with fights and problems. Guide them on how to behave in a socially responsible way. As they grow up, tell them about peer pressure and bullying. Encourage them to talk to you about any problems they may have at school, teach them how to deal with the problems without hurting anybody.

  8. Teach them good values:

    Teach your kids to be responsible citizens. Encourage them to volunteer to help people. Doing good for others will give them the kind of joy that makes them better people. Teach them to always be grateful for what they have, what others do for them. Show them how to respect everybody, how to be honest.

  9. Be expressive about your affection:

    Remember what elders say, your children are not going to be with you forever. In whatever limited time that you get with them, shape them into responsible and caring, and grateful beings. Make the most out of your time with them. Tell them you love them; show them you love them. Even if it’s 50 times in an hour. Especially when they make mistakes or fail to live up to your expectations, show them that you believe in them, that you will always be there for them.

  10. Practice positive parenting:

    You need to give your child a positive experience so they can experience it themselves and give it to others when they become adults. Go to the park, sing a silly song, laugh like a child, ride through the emotional tantrum, and solve the problem with a positive attitude. These help the child to create good connections and good memories. To discipline the child, choose positive discipline, teach what is right and what is wrong, set limits, and be kind but firm, also focus on the reason behind a child’s behavior.

Nowadays, the parents are in so confusing stage. They have experienced lots of hardships in their life. So, they do not want their kids to suffer as they did. And especially in this era where nuclear families are prominent, the parents want to provide all the luxuries of life which they had yearned for to their kids.  The beauty is to maintain balance. In Indian cultures, we listen to words like respect, obedience, and tradition associated with parents, but we need to add words like communication, unconditional love, and support to this to find the right balance.

Parenting is a Multi-dimensional and dynamic art. The art of parenting is to unfold the potential of the kid to evolve not only as a good individual but also as a person with high values which will be benefitted to the community. Every child is unique and should be treated specially. We can not follow a particular guideline or a foolproof plan to raise our kid in a perfect way, but we can always take to help of professionals like Relationship coach on our website to help us build a good relationship with our children and bring them up in this challenging world as a good and sound human being.


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