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My Personal Encounter With My Twin Flame Relationship, A Journey That Broke My Curse

My Personal Encounter With My Twin Flame Relationship, A Journey That Broke My Curse

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

You be a good girl now, okay? Mumma is going out to meet her friends and she will be back soon” 


These were the last words of my mother before she abandoned me and my father. I don’t really blame her because my father was physically abusive, and nobody deserves to live in a toxic household.


Sadly, a 7-year-old was stuck in one. I lived with my father in a small studio apartment for 5 years. He was a drunkard and seldom paid attention to me. I was left fetching my own food and even staying hungry for days together.


When I turned 12 years old I was put into foster care, and I was soon adopted by a couple. In the beginning, I was happy to be part of a well-functioning family. I received warm food on time and had a cozy bed to sleep on.


The dream ended when my foster father started molesting me. He would pass sexual comments and on occasions even tried to touch me at inappropriate places. I knew what was coming for me and so I decided to pack my things and run away.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

I was only 15 years old when I started a fresh life. I worked double jobs and saved enough to afford rent. Of course, I had a hard time trusting people but I met a few angels who helped me become the woman I am today.


It was tough for me but I survived the hardest part. Sometimes I feel it is a miracle that I am alive and living well in North Dakota. I have learned not to complain much about my life but sometimes I have a deep sense of loneliness and emptiness within me. I ache for love and belongingness, but before I surrender to these emotions, I shut it completely.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

I have had many romantic relationships. Some of them were as short as two weeks while there were a few serious ones that lasted for 2-3 years. But every relationship followed the same pattern- good in the start and then complete suffocation.


After a series of failed relationships and heartbreaks, I convinced myself that I was cursed in the area of love and relationships. Some people are just not meant for love, and maybe I was one of them. In fact, nobody in my family had ever been in a happy and healthy relationship. My mother got stuck with an abusive man, even her sisters had the same fate. So, I decided that it was better to not let my heart dream a hopeless dream.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

It was the fall of 2018, and I had recently ended a 2-year long relationship. We had almost come close to getting married, but his father’s disapproval led to a series of drama that ended in breaking my heart.


That was the time I met him. My twin flame and the love of my life. At present, we are married with two beautiful children. However, things were not always this happy and smooth for us.


I met Liam at a friend’s party. I was casually sitting at the corner table trying to avoid the crowd. Liam was serving as a waiter there. We caught each other’s attention for a few seconds, and there was a strong sense of familiarity but I chose not to overthink it.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

On my way back home I could not stop thinking about him. I tried to figure out where I had seen him, but it was all blank in my head. The next day when I was passing by the same place I could not help but search for him. I went inside and ordered a cup of coffee, and oh my! It was Liam who was serving.


As I was leaving he dropped me his card and asked me if I ever needed company over a cup of coffee then I should call him. That was the beginning of our twin flame relationship. When we met, it felt like we had known each other for years. There were no awkward silences, and I could effortlessly be myself. It was something I had never experienced with anyone before.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

It was not just the connection, but physical as well. When Liam and I hugged for the first time, I felt like I had finally come home.


The bliss lasted for 2 months, and then my demons came running back to me. I was scared that I was hoping for something impossible, and those fears made me act in a cold and erratic manner. I would cut him off without any explanation, or sometimes become too clingy. He brought out a side of me that I never knew I had. I felt like a maniac in love. It was too much for me to bear, and I blocked him from everywhere.


We even had heated arguments and fights, and the relationship brought so much stress and pain in our lives that we decided to end it and move our separate ways.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

After our separation, I spent a lot of time contemplating my relationships. I realized that I felt a sense of doom in all of them and those negative emotions consumed me so much that I could never think rationally. I wanted so badly to make it work with Liam because with him I felt something I had never dared imagine, and that was hope. It was the hope of loving and being loved.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

A lot of things changed for me after the break-up. I shifted to a new city and started my career there. I even worked on healing myself from the traumatic past. I knew that those ghosts of my past still haunted me, and if I wanted to live a fulfilling life then I had to get rid of them.


Working with the spiritual healer brought many positive changes within me. I became calmer and more relaxed. I felt more in control of my anxiety, and could easily deal with my triggers. I became a genuinely happy and easy-going person. I started loving my life, and it loved me right back.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

Still, that ache of emptiness did not leave me. It had disappeared when I met Liam, but after he left it all came rushing back to me. I used to think about him and often wondered about his life.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

One day I randomly saw him crossing the street. I stopped in my tracks and watched him until his shadow disappeared. Seeing him brought me a great deal of pain and hurt. I could not help but cry every day wondering if I had made a huge mistake by letting him go.


Finally, my heart took over and I dialed his number. Hearing his voice calmed down my nerves, and we talked like we had never been separated. This time when we were reunited, something felt different. I felt more emotionally stable and relaxed. Something about him was different too. He was more open and dedicated to the relationship.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

He opened up to me about his childhood and his past relationships. Shockingly enough, even his mother had left him when he was only 5 years old. He told me how he had come out of a serious relationship when we had first met and maybe that was the reason why he could truly commit to me.


Liam and I are like each other’s mirror. Being with him has helped me confront my past, and change unhealthy habits and thought patterns. I have become a much better and happier person with him. I still have my own struggles, and life can get tough but having him by my side gives me hope and courage.

Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

When I think about my twin flame journey, I realize that our separation was the most important part. It was during those days that Liam and I actually worked on ourselves, and healed the broken parts. Doing your inner work is crucial in reuniting with your twin flame otherwise it will continue to bring heartbreak and pain in your life.


My twin flame relationship with Liam has been a blessing that changed the course of my life and helped me heal from my past trauma. I never thought love would be written in my fate, but I guess love can be strong enough to change destinies.


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Twin Flame Relationship- A Journey of Many Lifetimes

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