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Top Online Past Life Regression Therapy In Mumbai

Top Online Past Life Regression Therapy In Mumbai

Holistic Living takes pride in being one of the best counseling centers that offer top online past life regression therapy in Chembur, Mumbai, Dubai, London, New York, and other countries.

Our expert PLR Therapist, Mr. Sanjeev Mittal has resolved many deep-rooted issues including chronic body pains, broken karmic connections, external negative energies, ancestral trauma, and generational curses.

These issues are not explicit in nature. They manifest as anxiety, depression, toxic relationships, chronic health issues, blockages in business, and insomnia.

Online past life regression therapy helps by identifying the origin of these issues, and how one can heal from the past traumas and resolve their current life issues.

For instance, Mohit suffered from intense back pain from a very young age. He tried everything, from medications, and scans to physiotherapy but nothing seemed to work.

Finally, he consulted Mr. Mittal, our expert PLR Therapist. In his sessions of online past life regression therapy, he saw that he was born as a farmer in one of his previous lives.

His family was completely dependent on him for survival. At the age of 70, he would carry heavy loads on his back for hours so that he could bring food for his wife and children.

In that life, Mohit felt a deep sense of injustice. He believed that life was unfair to him and that his days were nothing but endless suffering.

The trauma of that life was carried forward and manifested as chronic back pain. Online past life regression therapy proved to be an eye-opener for Mohit. It not only eased his life-long back pain but gave him clarity on other issues as well.

Here is a short interview of Mohit after he completed his online past life regression therapy at Holistic Living

Doing online past life regression therapy changed my life. It gave me a fresh perspective. Before I used to look at life in a negative way. Now I am practicing gratitude and building a positive mindset. I can already see so many amazing changes in myself, my relationships, and my career!

It was like a fog had been lifted and I could see things more clearly, and just feel lighter”

Online past life regression therapy under the guidance of PLR expert Mr. Sanjeev Mittal transformed Mohit’s life. It healed him from the back pain. But most importantly PLR Therapy freed him from the burdens of his past and paved the way for a more fulfilling and positive life.

To know more about online past life regression talk directly to our experts. Call on 91-9321073548 today and get all your doubts cleared.

Visit the Holistic Living Counselling Centre in Chembur and begin your transformative journey now!

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