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Top Child Psychologists in Chembur, Mumbai

Top Child Psychologists in Chembur, Mumbai

If you are looking for good child psychologists in Chembur, Mumbai for your child’s growing concerns then Holistic Living Wellness Studio is the right place.

Benefits of Child Counselling at Holistic Living

  1. Experienced & Trusted Child Psychologists
    • Imagine entrusting your child’s emotional well-being to professionals with the highest qualifications and over 15 years of dedicated experience. At Holistic Living, our team of child psychologists in Chembur is deeply knowledgeable and trusted by countless families like yours.
  2. Effective Skills & Values
    • Picture your child in the care of experts who prioritize compassion, empathy, and building a genuine connection. Our child psychologists in Chembur possess the essential skills to forge strong bonds with your child, ensuring their comfort and well-being are always at the forefront of every session.
  3. Expertise in Child & Teen Issues
    • From neurodevelopmental disorders to academic pressures, mood tantrums to learning disabilities, we understand the multifaceted challenges children and teens face today. Our psychologists bring specialized expertise in addressing these issues, guiding your child toward resilience and empowerment.
  4. Counseling of Parents
    • Parenthood comes with its own set of uncertainties, and we’re here to walk this journey with you. Our approach involves not just counseling your child but also educating and supporting you as parents. Together, we’ll navigate your child’s concerns and empower you with the tools to contribute effectively to their growth.
  5. Guaranteed Safety
    • As parents, your child’s safety is paramount. Rest assured, at Holistic Living Wellness Studio in Mumbai, we prioritize your child’s safety and comfort above all else. With stringent safety measures in place, we offer a nurturing environment where your child can thrive and grow without worries.

At Holistic Living in Mumbai, we’re more than just counselors; we’re partners in your child’s journey toward holistic well-being. With our experienced team, effective skills, and unwavering commitment to safety, let’s nurture your child’s potential together.


The Holistic Living Wellness Studio is a reputed therapy center in Chembur, Mumbai. 95% of our clients have achieved positive results. Here are a few testimonials of our best child psychologists in Chembur.

One of the best child counsellors.. she was very professional and had good knowledge about development disorders. I can see some major improvements in my child’s moods and also his social skills.. I am satisfied with the results!! Plus they provide 100% safety which I really liked as a parent” – Mrs. Ratan Khuman

“I can see a lot of improvement in Esa’s attention levels. Ever since taking child counselling at Holistic Living he has become more focused and engaged in his studies. The therapist at Holistic Living was very professional and polite. Helped us a lot throughout the process.” Mr. Aaditya

Our son was struggling with ADHD, and it was affecting his academic performance and self-esteem. Child counseling provided him with strategies to manage his attention and impulsivity. The therapist worked closely with him to develop organizational skills and improve his focus. We’ve seen tremendous progress in his ability to stay on task, and his confidence has soared. Child counseling has been a lifeline for our family.” – Mrs. Suchita

How to Book a Session?

Call/WhatsApp 91-9321073548/9321447981 to consult the best child psychologists in Chembur, Mumbai. OR you can take a 10-minute Free Consultation with the expert counselor to learn more.

Visit the Holistic Living Wellness Studio, a premier therapy center in Chembur, Mumbai.

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