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Career Counseling: Top 10 Vocational Courses to Pursue

Career counseling: Top 10 vocational courses to pursue 

Many of the high school students get confused about the options available to them after schooling. It is essential to provide career counseling/guidance because it will help the students to choose a path that suits them the best. In this blog, we will take you through the list of the top vocational courses so that your career selection journey becomes easier. 

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing/online marketing uses the internet to reach customers. Digital marketing is done via email, social media, web advertising, videos, texts, and blogs. Certified digital marketing courses are provided which help you to learn marketing skills and other tools you need to kick start your career. 

Fitness trainer 

People share their fitness stories through blogs, videos, and reels on social media. And because of these stories and initiatives more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of regular training is one of the fastest growing vocational courses

Students after clearing the 12th standard can apply to join fitness and gym operation courses. If your inclination is more towards Yoga you may also enroll yourself in a yoga teacher training course. 

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Makeup and hairstylist  

Beauty is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The millennials and Gen-Z hold self-care in high regard. It’s only natural for them to be concerned about how they look and present themselves in front of the world. 

You can join a makeup (certificate, diploma) course and learn the latest skills/trends to become a professional makeup artist. Don’t hesitate much if you have an inclination towards makeup, cosmetics, and beauty because this industry will provide you with exponential growth opportunities in the future.  

Disaster management

Course in disaster management is a lesser-known but very pivotal. Disaster management is about preventing, coping, and mitigating the effect of a disaster. Various disasters are covered in it including (natural and anthropogenic) earthquakes, floods, terrorism, fire, industrial sabotage, etc. In India, it is National Disaster Management Authority that formulates disaster management policies. Along with that, the government agency National Disaster Response Force is trained for search, rescue, and rehabilitation. 

You can apply for a one-year diploma course or a certificate course in disaster management.


Why should photographers be left behind when they have an opportunity to showcase their talent to their world so easily through social media?career counseling for career in photography

The Internet revolution has changed the nature and scope of photography to a large extent. There is a wide scope to learn and showcase this art. If you are willing to get into this amazing vocational field you can enroll in any of the amazing certificate courses. 

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Animation has gotten a big name and healthy reputation lately, and rightfully so. The animation industry is witnessing growth like no other.

In animation, the figures are designed to appear as moving objects. Earlier the images were drawn/painted by hand but today most of them are made with Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI).

As the animation industry grows, the quality of animated films, series, and video games is going to improve further. So if you are interested to work in the animation industry, go ahead and enroll yourself in a certificate or diploma course.

Electrical technician

The job of an electrical technician is among the oldest in the vocational career field. But the worth of this job is not going to decrease. The rapid pace of urbanization, demands more and more people to come forward and choose this vocation. You can enroll in a diploma course after completing your 12th standard.

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Hospitality and catering management

The hospitality industry is very huge and diverse. It includes restaurants, travel, tourism, hotels, event planning, catering, theme parks, etc. The hospitality industry’s focus is to provide its customers with a positive experience and quality service. If you are eager to join hospitality and catering management you can do so by enrolling in a degree or diploma course. 

Fashion Designing

This vocation is never going to go out of style! In fact, it’s the vocation that defines the style. The fashion designing industry is one of the highest paying industries and provides lucrative job offers. Job satisfaction also seems to be high among those who pursue it with vigor. 

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