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The Akashic Records – A Distinctive New Perspective On Your Life

The Akashic Records – A Distinctive New Perspective On Your Life

The Akashic Records – A Distinctive New Perspective On Your Life

What is Akashic Records and how can they help you? How do you find your own Self and allow the world to know Who You Really Are? How do you view your own soul’s path? Do you need an outside perspective to help you better understand your spiritual calling? Do you want to really identify your soul’s path? Are you driven by a strong desire to better contribute meaningfully on this earth?

These are very common questions and I bet most people have at least some degree of frustration with the soul. The akashic records are designed to assist you in realizing your truth and using it to guide your soul journey. They can be utilized anytime you desire or feel a call to learn more about yourself. They are also an exceptional way to learn about yourself and uncover your extraordinary talents and gifts.

Have you ever wondered how you can discover your Akashic Records and reveal your extraordinary gifts and talents? If so, don’t let the question overwhelm you. Every person is born with a silver spoon in their mouth but not everyone gets to enjoy it. The Akashic Records are designed to assist you in discovering your extraordinary gifts so that you may discover how to utilize them to serve you in a greater way and make a difference in your life.

Akashic Records is the greatest treasures of a human being gifted with psychic vision. They are your divine archives of knowledge held within the sacred mysteries of the divine akashic records. In fact, the Akashic Records is the Akashic Record itself-a holographic diamond cell file containing unlimited amounts of information gathered and arranged in the correct order so that they are accessible for any intelligent being on the planet. These are the akashic records which you will discover when you access the mysterious divine archives.

Accessing these documents is a process which requires some steps, specific steps which will enable you to access the akashic records. You will be guided step by step through the cosmic hierarchy of your soul’s journey through space and time and learn the laws governing your personal astral planes.

This information will enable you to discover your true nature and your connection to the soul of everything that exists. Learn how to align yourself with this universal energy and begin the process of realigning your karma and dissolving old limiting beliefs that hold you back from realizing your full and eternal potential.

The akashic records reveal the truth about the truth: that which you experience in this moment is only momentary. This momentary reality is dense layers of mental debris which are designed by the soul to protect itself from the realities it does not desire. Our souls are extremely fragile and our delicate inner workings must be protected from the realities of what are not wanted.

If you do not want certain things to happen, then do not let them happen. However, if you desire such things occur, then let them. With an intense level of awareness you will then realize you are not the sum of your parts, but rather the whole integrated entity of the human being.

This is a metaphysical “teaching” procedure that will help you uncover your deepest levels of being so that you can soar to new heights of spiritual evolution. You will open up like a flower in the morning and find yourself surrounded by an ocean of light. In these pages, you will discover the amazing truth about your beingness and your connection to the cosmos and all things manifested in the material world.

As you begin this journey through time and space, you will be led to understand that all things are connected, and that all people are one. Then, you will experience your astral body, which contains within it the essence of the cosmos. This is your spiritual emergence from the bottom of the physical and spiritual realms.

There is nothing more important than moving forward with your intentions and aspirations. If you are inspired by the akashic records and want to take the necessary steps to achieve what you desire in your life, this remarkable book reveals how to apply what you learn so that you can become more proactive in your goals and aspirations.

This program helps you learn how to use the wisdom contained in the akashic records to inspire positive change in your life, even when you’re stuck in a rut, stuck inside of a negative pattern or feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. With motivation and the right tools to help you create your own personal reality, this remarkable book, The akashic records, by Linda Ellis, PhD, delivers on its promise to guide you down the path of true purpose.

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