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Tarot Card Reading Part 2/3: The Meaning of Symbols

Tarot Card Reading Part 2/3: The Meaning of Symbols

In our earlier blog on Tarot Card reading, we went in-depth to understand what the first ten Major Arcana-Tarot cards symbolize and now we shall move further. This blog is part 2 of our blog series, read further about Major Arcana cards and decipher what they exactly mean.

What is meant by Tarot card reading?

major arcana tarot cardTarot card reading is a form of fortune-telling or divination that uses cards to gain insight into the time’s horizon that is, past, present, and future. The people are required to draw a card and the reader will try to interpret it. A regular tarot deck generally has 78 cards, split into two groups the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. 

Here in this blog we will get deeper into the world of Major Arcana cards and decipher what they exactly mean. We have divided the content into three blogs for convenience. So let’s look at the next five cards and understand what they tell us.

Tarot card number eleven – Strength or Justice  

It is among the Major Arcana Cards and is numbered either eleven or eight depending upon the deck you are choosing. The key characters represented here are a woman and a lion. The woman is leaning over the lion and has an infinity sign over her head. It is said that this tarot card is about conquering your animal instincts. It also stands for energy, magnanimity, fortitude, and power. 

Tarot card number twelve – The Hanged Man

It is the twelfth trump in most of the traditional Tarot decks. Modern versions of decks depict him hanging upside down by one foot. There is a halo present over his head which is the sign of wisdom and enlightenment. This tarot card is a symbol of – letting go of judgments, and perceptions and surrendering the ego. It also symbolizes sacrifice, wisdom, trial, prophecy, and intuition. 

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Tarot card number thirteen – Death

This card is the thirteenth major trump in most traditional decks. This card is associated with, the zodiac sign Scorpio and with the planet Pluto. There is a lot of confusion regarding this card and a lot of people are scared of it. They think this card means that someone is going to die, which is not the case. In fact, the opposite, this card, is a symbol of transformation and radical shift. Something is always dying and rebirthing in this world. The card can symbolize the death of ego, death of malice, or death of a relationship that was unhealthy!

Tarot card number fourteen – Temperance 

major arcana tarot cardThe card of balance, alchemy, and love. This card is the fourteenth Major arcana in most traditional Tarot decks. In the majority of the decks, the person (usually female) is shown as an angel with one foot in the water and one foot on the land. It also stands for frugality, moderation, optimism, wisdom, and truth.

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Tarot card number fifteen – The Devil

This card is the fifteenth trump or Major arcana in most of the traditional tarot decks. The devil is shown having bat-like wings, one raised hand and another hand lowered carrying a staff, antlers. Two creatures are bound around his pedestal and they also have antlers and are chain bound. This is another card that strikes fear in the minds of the people. The devil symbolizes the demons like greed, temptation, and malice within you. The devil is the dark side, the shadow. But again you don’t have to fear because you always have the power to change your life for the better.

Throughout human history, temptation mythology abounds, and The Devil is the embodiment of this temptation.

During his 40 days in the desert, Jesus was tempted by the Devil, according to Matthew 4: 1-11 in the Bible.
Horus, the Egyptian god, was likewise seduced by his uncle Seth in the desert of Amenta.
Mara tempted the Buddha before he attained enlightenment.
Similar temptation mythology can be found in many heroes’ travels, such as Odysseus’s temptation by the Sirens in The Odyssey. Temptation is a crucial experience on the way to enlightenment, and succumbing to, overcoming, and/or rejecting it is all part of the hero’s journey. This crucial stage of the journey is represented by the Devil card in the tarot.

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