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Start your Spiritual Awakening with these 5 Powerful Tips

Start your Spiritual Awakening with these 5 Powerful Tips

Start your Spiritual Awakening with these 5 Powerful Tips

Do You want to start your journey towards spiritual awakening? This article might help you with that.

Every human being is in search of peace, love, health, prosperity and happiness in life. We take action to achieve all of this and more, by focusing on the outer world. However, there comes a time when we realise that there is more to life than what we apparently see and that’s where our journey to spiritual awakening starts.

The spiritual journey may be called a transformational process from ego to soul. It is a full circle which gets us back to what and who we are. A journey of self-knowledge aspiritual journeynd awareness for which we have to discover our inner self…connect with the ‘spirit’ inside and let our soul evolve. This journey is all about digging deep inside ourselves, step by step to unravel the truth. and this unraveling can bring awareness about the truth that lies within. The ego may contradict it or give excuses but there comes a point when we allow our self to acknowledge the truth and accept it.

Spiritual awakening brings awareness about the importance of unconditional love for our own self, forgiving our own self and others too. It helps us to see the outer world with a completely new perspective. This acceptance and awareness start to slowly heal various long drawn emotional and mental issues which also change negative patterns or blocks in all aspects of life. Spiritual awakening is very much about allowing the light to come into the darkness which ultimately helps us to be in a blissful state of love rather than a state of fear.  It is a time of transformation to give birth to the better and new self.

To understand what has been the present state and where we are headed in this journey towards spiritual awakening, we can observe the following stages of the journey.

  • The preparation begins and fortifying the ego. Self check by asking self- Do I feel alone? Am I only wanting love from others in order to get a sense of belongingness? Am I willing to set myself free? Am I willing to accept myself and others with compassion?
  • Being Adventurous and healing the soul – (1) Am I feeling secure and successful? (2) Am I feeling lost and finding more meaning to life? (3) Am I willing to surrender and have faith? (4) Am I willing to heal myself of the past?
  • Returning to self. Soul and Spirit aligning – (1) Being open to intuitive guidance (2) Willing to co-create with the Universe and finding a purpose (3) Transmuting what is not for the highest good of self (4) Knowing that we are all part of one…’I am That’.

There are some definite ways which have proved successful in embarking on the spiritual journey. The sheer willingness to step on the path is essential.

Some ways to start your journey towards spiritual awakening:

  • Meditation – This is perhaps the most popular way. To collect oneself and focus the mind inwards. With regular practice, consciousness enhances. Meditation helps us to reach a peaceful and calm state which helps us to delve deep. It relaxes the subconscious control we have over our self and makes us open to walk the path.
  • Religious practices – Some religious practices, like chanting of mantras, can lead us to the spiritual journey. The harmonious state reached in some religious practices, the devotion, faith and trust in the Divine give us the courage to reach inside our self.
  • Yoga and Breath work – Since ancient times Yoga has helped to gain openness to look within. Breathwork helps balance internally, which automatically becomes an easy way to gain the consciousness of self. Yoga and breathwork together activates and energizes the Chakras/Energy centres of the body which aligns the mind, body and soul, therefore making the spiritual journey more fulfilling.
  • Journaling of thoughts – This is a very handy way as it makes us conscious of our own genuine thoughts and feelings, giving us an overview of disorganized thoughts and emotions. With daily practice, we become aware of how to organize our thoughts which brings centeredness.
  • Being Grateful – The attitude-of-gratitude goes a long way in aiding to start on the spiritual journey. Being thankful for everything, including the smallest of things opens the path to spiritual awakening, like a gift from the Universe.

To start off in the spiritual journey, a bit of hand-holding by experts is always useful but when we reach a certain level of awareness and healing in this journey, we should encourage others and help to who all are also willing to walk the path. It is said that when we step forward to start the spiritual journey automatically we are divinely helped. And to derive true benefits of the spiritual journey, we should start using this gathered knowledge from the ‘Expert inner self ‘ in our daily life and continue on the spiritual path.

The spiritual journey is quite fascinating and depends on what an individual aligns with and there is no set process or formula. The spiritual journey can start at any time or age and has no particular age or time and sometimes we can be pushed to a corner to embark on this mystical journey.

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The decision to embark on the spiritual journey is a personal decision. It brings awareness and consciousness of self. As the veils are lifted, we come to know what aspect within our self needs correction or needs to be healed. As we move ahead on the journey, forgiving ourselves and others becomes easy, we become peaceful inside and at peace with the outside world. it becomes easy to let go of things, we start accepting and loving our self and we become more giving and the list goes on …….

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