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Signs that You are Not on The Road to Spiritual Awakening

Signs that You are Not on The Road to Spiritual Awakening

Signs that you are not on the road to spiritual awakening

It is said that the highest wisdom can be achieved through spiritual awakening. It’s also believed that spirituality can answer the most vital question like – what is the meaning and purpose of life? If you awaken spiritually, you are able to live in harmony and peace with all existence. So if you wish to know whether you are on the path to spiritual awakening or not you can go through this blog.

Signs that you are not on the road to spiritual awakening –

You never tell the truth

If you are straying away from the road of spirituality, you will find yourself indulging more and more in deceit. People around you can also sense your inauthentic nature. On the other hand, people who are on the road to spiritual awakening are true to themselves and true to the people around them. Spiritually awakened people bring authenticity to the table. 

You never learn from your mistakes 

We all make mistakes in life. And we should forgive ourselves for making those mistakes because forgiveness is the essence of spirituality. But spirituality also teaches us to learn from mistakes. It teaches us to let go of the things that no longer serve us.  So if you never listen to your inner voice, if you never review and reflect, that means you are not on the path to spiritual awakening. 

You indulge in gossip

road to spiritual awakeningPeople on the path to spiritual awakening indulge less and less in judgments. They try to accept people just as they are. They do their own thing, devote time for self-growth so they have no time left to poke their nose in others’ lives.

The people on the other side of the spectrum indulge in gossip and judgment all the time. 

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You never think of forgiving

If you are someone who always tends to hold a grudge, think twice because this might not help you in your path to spiritual awakening. Forgiving is not easy, because we have to fight a battle with our ego. But the awakened people still choose forgiveness because they know, it’s the right thing to do. Forgiving does not mean you allow yourself to get exploited over and over again. You can forgive someone and resolve to maintain distance from them. 

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You always complain

Spiritually awakened people are intentionally grateful. Even when they are caught up in difficult situations, even when life is unfair, Spiritually awakened people will still find ways to be grateful. On the other hand, there are people who will always complain no matter what. 

You look down on people

road to spiritual awakeningSpiritually awakened people understand every one of us takes a different path to reach the ultimate truth. Some will arrive early, others will arrive late. Every person has to go through different circumstances and challenges. So the awakened people don’t look down upon anyone. They look at everyone with empathy, kindness and treat every person the same. 

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You give up easily

Spiritually awakened people don’t tend to give up on things that are worth it. They try their best to work through the difficult phases and situations in life. People who are not on the road to spiritual awakening give up, run away at the sight of slightest discomfort. 

You try to dominate others

If you feel you are superior just because you have titles or assets, you are not on the path to spiritual awakening. 

The people on the path to spiritual awakening are respectful, kind, and just. They find ways to be of service to people and have humility in them. Thoughts of superiority and domination do not appear in their mind. 

You fix blame on others

Spiritually awakened people tend to take full responsibility for their life. They never cast blame on others. They understand that blame and spiritual growth cannot go together. One has to erase blame to learn, to grow. So if you are someone who fixes blame on others for hardships and miseries in your life you are not on the path of spiritual awakening.

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