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Self Image Worksheets – How to Enhance Your Image With Descriptive Praise

Self Image Worksheets – How to Enhance Your Image With Descriptive Praise

Self Image: A Portray To Yourself About Yourself

self imageSelf image basically refers to what you portray to yourself about yourself. It is all about what you imagine about yourself and how you see yourself. Not just in terms of your appearance but in terms of your personality as well, and the perceptions you have about yourself through the past and present. Even the self image of a person can be split into three categories:

The Positive Image

The positive image created about yourself by yourself, your own self-image, or by others; refers to your ability to love who you are and to accept who you are. A healthy self-image and positive self-esteem have a lot to do with each other. On the one hand, loving and accepting your self image will help build your self-image and enhance your self-esteem. But on the other hand, the positive self image can also help improve your self-esteem by building your self-image.

A positive self image and a healthy self-image both depend on how much you believe in yourself. So if you feel that you are worthy of something you want to change yourself to achieve it, then you already have a self image and your self-esteem is improved.

Belief about yourself

The second category is your core belief about yourself. This is the key to improving your self image and self-esteem. Your core belief about yourself, your abilities, and your worthiness are some of the most important concepts in improving your self image and self-esteem. There is actually a set of core beliefs you need to work on in order to improve these concepts.

Biggest Challenge in Self Image

One of the biggest challenges you face is having beliefs that are inconsistent. As an individual tries to improve his/her life, these inconsistent beliefs can be extremely limiting. This is especially the case when these beliefs are negative and are not in harmony with who you really are and what you want to do in life.

For instance, a person who is overweight may have a negative self-image thinking that he/she will become fat and that he/she will die from this condition. However, if you take part in an exercise program and eat right, and don’t watch your diet, you can soon see a very different you – physically and mentally.

Affirmation and Visualization Technique in Self Image

It’s really helpful to make a “list 10” of all the positive things that you will benefit from when you work on your positive self-image. If you’re going to use affirmations or a visualization technique, then it helps to put it on paper first. On the list, write down the reasons why you want to improve your self image and work on repeating the affirmations as often as possible throughout the day. If you want to use some visualization techniques, you could look at a painting, see a good picture of yourself, and repeat the image as often as you can.

Create Worksheet

Once you’ve worked on your affirmations and visualization, then it’s time to put together a worksheet to put everything into perspective. A worksheet can help you by listing out the positive things that you now have as well as things that you may still have to work on. The first item on the worksheet should be your good things. These items include all the physical things that make you feel good, such as a healthy body, a beautiful smile, or positive relationships with others. The next item on the list should be your good things about yourself that are not physical. For example, if you are negative about your appearance, put in an item stating that you like your looks.

Wow! This is just a beginning

One very powerful way to enhance your self-image is to tell yourself something positive whenever you are having a bad day. You can do this by repeating a famous quote, writing a motivating quote, or even saying something like “Wow! This is just a beginning”. Another great thing to do is to constantly think about the things that you were doing wrong the last time a bad thing happened. Use your worksheet to list out all of your bad habits and then, when you are feeling good, you can either tell yourself that you are working on improving your self-image or you can immediately take steps to change your habit.

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