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A Relationship Counsellor Shares 7 ways to Move on from a Breakup

A Relationship Counsellor Shares 7 ways to Move on from a Breakup

A Relationship Counsellor Shares 7 ways to Move on from a Breakup

We live in an era where it is difficult to find true love, but once we think that we have found it, we just rush into it. Fights, temptations, trust issues may come up, and you might have to part ways. Many of us don’t know how to deal with breakups whether or not you initiated the breakup. Move On In Life

A relationship counsellor is an expert in the field of relationship dynamics, both between couples and for individuals learning how to navigate their relationships. Moving on from someone you loved might be difficult, but relationship counselling might be the first step in your healing journey.

Any relationship counsellor will tell you that you have to accept the change that it didn’t work out the way you wanted. You know that it could’ve worked out if it was meant to be, but maybe it is not. The right one is yet to come. To move on, you need to exclude your ex-love from your thoughts. Divert all your energy into something positive. It could the most vulnerable stage of your life but your health, your career, and your life are more important than anything in this world. So, moving on is the only way to get away from your ex-partner.

Here are 7 ways to move on from a break up, according to our expert relationship counsellor:

  1. Block your partner: Some say staying friends with your ex-love is normal. Well only when you’ve moved on in life. You can’t see his Instagram nor your WhatsApp chats. You can also block his number it will help you get better emotionally. This will help a lot to Move On In Life.
  2. Talk to your friends and family: You are not the only one who has been through a breakup. There are people out who have been through this phase and could give you some guidance. Request them if you need help. Go out with them. They might not give you the best suggestion, but they will help you to get better. It is one of the major steps to Move On In Life.
  3. Engage yourselves in some activities: Start doing things which you couldn’t explore when you were dating. Discover new hobbies, start investing your time in that. You can also try meditation, yoga, Zumba, or painting. It will refresh your mind, eliminate your anger, and make you feel better.
  4. Crying is okay: Don’t worry, crying is normal. You can cry out aloud. In the initial phase of the breakup, you need to cry out to heal your heavy heart. You are not in the mood to adjust or understand the reason behind your breakup. You don’t need to be hard on yourself you need time to vent out only then you will be able to be happy.
  5. Throw his/her gifts away: This may not be the best solution, but it would be better if you do it. The more you keep their things, it is likely that you will want to talk to them and won’t be able to get over your ex-love.
  6. Self-help: After being in a long-term relationship, you might feel the need to fill that void created by your ex-partner. Self-love could help you fill in that void. Start loving yourself. Give yourself some time, make some changes if you want, and don’t blame yourself for things you have been through in your relationship. Also, you deserve better!
  7. Learn a lesson: It is important that you just don’t run into another relationship for a rebound. Also, going back to your ex-love is not the right choice. It is okay to be alone for some time, for yourself. You need to realize the lessons you learned from your past relationship and implement it. You will find the best one, so wait patiently and focus on yourself!

Maybe for some of us, breakups might be difficult. We think we won’t ever be able to move on, but don’t you think this would make you vulnerable?

Where there is love, breakups are certain. You need to accept the change. It is not the case that, you’ll last with every person you date. Sometimes you need to understand that you can’t hold on to your unhealthy or toxic relationship for a longer time, so you need to be firm and get away with it. Moving on may be difficult, but if you decide that you can then it is possible.Move On In Life

Also, focus on the radiant future which will be dependent on the choices you make now. You can make new friends, socialize, go wherever you want to go and live your life.

You can also take help from our relationship experts on our community wellness platform to Move On In Life. We also have books related to how you can Move On In Life on our Wellness Store.

Keeping yourself busy will never let his thoughts cross your mind. Don’t compare your situation with anyone because whatever you had was completely different than theirs. You don’t need to be dependent on anyone. These tips might help you figure out your future and love yourself.

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