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Top Past Life Regression Therapist in Mumbai Explains Recurring Dreams & Past Lives

Top Past Life Regression Therapist in Mumbai Explains Recurring Dreams & Past Lives

According to research done by Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, a top past life regression therapist in Mumbai, recurring dreams are often fragments of memories and experiences from your past lives.

It is one of the ways your soul communicates with you. These dreams could either be a warning for your future, answers to your present problems, or a sign to look into your past lives.

Subhash visited the Holistic Living Counseling Centre in Chembur because he had a recurring dream of falling off a cliff. In this recurring dream, he would also hear a distant echo of a woman asking him to help her.

The recurring dream always left him with a nagging sense of nostalgia, feelings of guilt, and an unexplained sadness.

It was a highly vivid dream and the details remain unchanged. Subhash was a brilliant young man with a practical mindset, but for some reason he found himself feeling disturbed by this strange recurring dream.

At Holistic Living, he met Mr. Mittal. He is an expert past life regression therapist and certified counsellor. After listening intently to Subhash’s struggles and his vivid description of his recurring dream, Mr. Mittal was convinced that it could be a glimpse into his past lives.

Recurring dreams are seen as fragments of memories or experiences from past lives that continue to influence the current one. It is one of how our soul communicates with us.

Understanding the theme and the meaning of recurring dreams can help you decipher your soul’s message, and lead to groundbreaking revelations about your life.

Mr. Mittal safely guided Subhash to his past lives. In one of his past lives, Subhash was a highly successful and rich businessman. He had built his empire and was running it quite well. The only glitch in his picture-perfect life was his son.

He further saw that his son killed him by pushing him off a high cliff. It was the same scene he had seen in his recurring dream.

But what about the voice of the woman asking him to help her?

To unveil that mystery as well, Mr. Mittal guided Subhash to another one of his past lives.

In that life, Subhash saw that he had done the same thing to his sister. He had pushed her from a mountain so that he could be the sole heir of his father’s wealth.

The karmic cycle had repeated and had continued to haunt Subhash in every lifetime including his current one.

A more shocking revelation was that his sister from the past lives was now his wife in the present life. And it was no surprise, that they share a troubled relationship.

Subhash’s recurring dream was a warning from his soul’s conscience that he needed to heal the past karma and evolve in his soul journey. By doing so, he would improve his relationship with his wife, achieve spiritual growth, and heal his future generations as well.

Had Subhash not sought the guidance of an expert Past Life Regression Therapist, he never would have learned the real meaning of his recurring dream, getting him stuck in the karmic debt of his past lives.

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