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5 Benefits of Qigong Healing and Meditation

5 Benefits of Qigong Healing and Meditation

5 Benefits of Qigong Healing and Meditation

Qigong healing and meditation is an ancient Chinese healing practice that brings together different techniques to bring healing. This method combines gentle movements, controlled breathing patterns, and meditation, to promote a healthy flow of life energy and promote the holistic well-being of individuals.

The practice is very beneficial for attaining complete harmony in our mind, body & soul, as it helps in relaxing, recreation, and acts as preventive medicine. It is believed to treat many health disorders including heart disease, chronic pains, leg and back pains, body aches and fatigue, etc among others. 

As per traditional wisdom, our health state is a result of the right flow of energy in the body and if the flow is blocked, it results in poor health. And this energy actually flows through the twelve meridians of the body and Qigong practices are believed to promote health by allowing this energy, or Qi, to flow in a proper manner through these meridians in the body.

There are numerous ways to practice Qigong healing and meditation. The most renowned among them are –

Active/dynamic Qigong healing and meditation 

This involves breathwork and active movement of the body. Although this method looks rigorous, it shares mutual characteristics with the passive Qigong. 

Passive Qigong healing and meditation 

qigong healing and meditationThis method focuses more on cultivating stillness and on inner work. This is considered closely related to traditional meditation. 

Now let us look at some of the top benefits of Qigong healing and meditation – 

Heals pain and ailments

We know that our immune system protects us from the attack of various diseases but sometimes the whole immune system may start to malfunction due to various reasons and you might become the target of diseases quite often. Among the various benefits of Qigong healing, its power to revamp the immune system is well known. Thus your ailments like fever, migraine, and pain get healed sooner. 

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Antidote of addictions 

Among the various benefits of Qigong healing, its power to treat addiction is much appreciated. Many people fall into the trap of addictions due to various psychological, mental, and other reasons and soon find it impossible to get rid of it. So these addiction problems like drug /alcohol abuse can be solved with the help of Qigong healing. Qigong healing takes you deeper and helps you understand your inner world. So the root cause of these addictions is revealed with time and you are able to navigate better than before. 

As a safe spiritual practice 

Many people acknowledge that Qigong healing and meditation act as their source of spiritual energy. Among the various benefits of Qigong healing, its capacity to act as a vehicle to bring inner peace and calm is much lauded. It also helps people to reach advanced realms of consciousness. 

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Mental restoration

qigong healing and meditationWhen we talk of the benefits of Qigong healing, we cannot overlook its capacity to treat mental illnesses like stress and depression. It is said that when the energy within us gets blocked/blackened due to internal or external triggers, we may face the problems of prolonged stress, depression, or anxiety. The energy within us can be healed and cleansed through Qigong healing and this will bring joy and happiness back to your life.

Shield against certain diseases 

As mentioned above the benefits of Qigong healing are not only limited to cure but also the prevention. The practice also helps in retaining holistic health by removing negative energy and its impact on your life. 

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