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Are Pranic Healing Powers Safe ?

Are Pranic Healing Powers Safe ?

                                 Reiki vs. Pranic Healing in New York City - Craniosacral Therapy NY

The safety of pranic healing is a contentious issue. The answer to whether pranic healing is safe varies depending on who you ask. Some people are staunch believers in pranic healing’s good healing powers, while others are dubious and scared.

Controversy Over Pranic Healing

The lack of scientific facts to confirm this sort of spiritual healing is at the root of the debate regarding the reality of pranic healing. Is there, nevertheless, any form of scientific appraisal for spiritual matters?

Pranic Healing Dangers and Risks
The Sanskrit word prana means “vital power.” The life force is said to be the breath, or more precisely the air. It’s also referred to as chi or ki energy. This energy is present in all living things. You can become stronger in body, mind, and soul by managing this energy through breath.

Critics and Precautions
The method, according to critics, is the main risk and danger of pranic healing. Some believe that pranic treatment only heals symptoms that indicate to the person that something deeper and more spiritual is at the base of the symptoms.

Treating Symptoms Rather Than Disease
This school of thought considers healing to be merely for symptoms and believes that it is risky since the person may not seek medical assistance to treat the underlying cause of the symptoms. Critics who hold this viewpoint feel that pranic healing is risky and can result in life-threatening diseases going undiagnosed and untreated.

Religious Disagreements
Another sector bases its arguments on religious views, claiming that all energy activity is outside of its doctrine and hence occult-based. This organization accuses pranic healing, as well as any sort of energy work, of being occult-guided and hazardous.

In reality, the breadth of this criticism includes acupuncture, a 5,000+-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine with a documented scientific track record for healing by placing needles into the body’s energy channels.

Medical Treatments and Pranic Healing

The vast majority of pranic healers, if not all, would strongly disagree with these negative perceptions of their practice.
According to the principles of pranic healing, the human physical body has the power to heal itself. The goal of prana healing is to speed up the healing process.

Pranic healers do not advise their customers to avoid medical treatment.

Their mission is to assist the individual in accessing their inherent healing energy.

Pranic healing treatments should be used in conjunction with any traditional medical treatment(s) the individual is receiving.

 Pranic Healers are pathways

Pranic healers, like many other energy workers, act as conduits for new prana energy to enter a person’s chakras and energy field. These energy healers work to stimulate the individual’s natural healing abilities.

Experience pranic healing by attending workshops conducted by expert pranic healers.

Fresh Prana Infusion

The pranic healer does not do hands-on religious healing. Instead, they purify the individual’s chakras with their hands. After that, the healer would infuse the fresh prana into the person’s chakras and energy field. When this prana enters the body, it is said to activate the individual’s innate healing mechanisms.

Kidney Failure Has Been Reversed
A woman with Stage 5 kidney failure sought the help of a pranic healer. A long-distance healing session was performed due to the distance between the healer and the client. Following that, the woman’s creatinine level was reduced. Her kidneys began to heal on their own, and by the seventh session, the woman had progressed from Stage 5 renal failure to Stage 2 kidney disease.

There are either severe side effects or no negative side effects, depending on which side of the debate you accept. Pranic healers claim that there are no negative side effects of pranic healing, only positive benefits that can help the individual’s healing process. According to the opposing argument, people are briefly relieved of symptoms while the disease or underlying cause progresses with vigor. Both arguments cannot be correct logically. One side appears to be hopeful and full of promise, while the other appears to be full of uncertainty and worry.

Evidence and Misconceptions About Pranic Healings
The debate regarding the safety of pranic treatment appears to be based on personal beliefs and preconceptions. As with everything that has the potential to harm you physically or psychologically, you should consider the dangers and take your judgments.

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