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10 Ways to Stay Committed On the Path of Spiritual Growth

10 Ways to Stay Committed On the Path of Spiritual Growth

10 Ways to Stay Committed On the Path of Spiritual Growth

Staying committed on the path of spiritual growth is not easy. This is a path on which very few dare to travel. If you are someone who wants to walk on this less traveled road of spiritual growth, this blog is for you. This blog will help you find ways to stay committed to this journey. 

Ways to stay committed on the path of spiritual growth –

Remember why you started this journey

women praying and looking committed on the path of spiritual growthThe spiritual journey is not easy. When your patience, your love, your honesty, and other qualities are taken for granted by the people, you will feel angry. You will feel that it’s better to treat people the way treat you, tit for tat. You will feel that it’s better to give up. 

Hold on. Do not give up. Yes, the journey is tough, but you know, it’s worth it. 

Read books 

Books give us insights into how people walk the spiritual path. They help us understand how the spiritual leaders lived, what difficulties they faced. It’s easier to relate to the stories in the books and understand what works, and what does not on the path of spiritual growth.

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Extraordinary in the ordinary 

Spiritual growth transforms ordinary, mundane, and routine things into extraordinary and special ones. It does not mean that something has changed on the outside, it means that you have changed on the inside. It means that the way you look at things has changed. Spiritual growth is synonymous with taking a pause, observing, relaxing, and appreciating little things. 

Spiritual growth brings you to a realization, where you understand that less is more. 

Be ready to walk alone 

The spiritual path might feel lonely.

Spirituality is a quest to erase separateness within humanity. But the world around you might pull you to the other side, and force you to think otherwise. This pull and push might make you feel helpless and lonely. Your work at this point is to stay steadfast on your path of spiritual growth.

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Space for suffering

The Buddha told us the four noble truths. The first truth is that – there is suffering in this world. This suffering arises due to attachments. Buddha says that when you let go of attachments the suffering will cease. 

It’s not easy for a common man to let go of attachments. We are attached to our home, our family, our titles, our business, our community, our body, and our emotions! And when a situation arises, and things don’t happen the way we want, we suffer. Thus the suffering is inevitable, so why not create a space for it? 

Make an effort to create space for your suffering, and to create space for all other emotions. Because that is how you can stay committed on the path of spiritual growth. 

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Claiming the freedom

It is your own mind that binds you. It is your mind that prevents you from doing what you love. It is your mind which prevents you from claiming freedom that is already within you. You belong to the whole universe, you are one with it. Do not let the circumstances bind you, pin you down to a place, person or thing. Do not stay at a place (mentally, physically) where you don’t want to be.

You are one thought away from your freedom, claim it. 

The limiting beliefs 

There are numerous ways to walk the path of spirituality. You don’t have to bind yourself to anything which you don’t believe in. You can question, enquire, search for the answers on your own. Every spiritual journey is unique, you don’t need to compare yourself with anyone else. Let go of all the limiting beliefs and walk the path without fear. Your mind is your only limitation, and also your path to salvation. You get to choose!

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