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Relinquish Your Anger in 7 Ways

Relinquish Your Anger in 7 Ways

Your Anger Harms You!

Anger management is an issue that most of us face when a situation is created in front of us.

Personally speaking, I have dealt with this problem since childhood. Anger is an emotion which when not controlled can prompt significant implosion and ruin friendships and relationships. It is vital to have control over your outrage and smother it. It helps you to calmly express your opinion rather than having an outburst and creating a scene out of a particular situation.

I have had a high temper since childhood. Initially, it had never been visible as it is normal for children to throw tantrums but in my case, it was different. Frequently, I used to get into fights with my schoolmates and my parents were called in by the management. Even I had arguments with my parents very often.

Earlier, the conflicts were regarding not getting toys, or not going to school but gradually it had become a very big problem for me in my college life as well as my workplace. Have you been facing a similar issue? No need to worry. I had consulted a life coach regarding this matter and came across these amazing tricks to instantly control my anger.


  1. Figure out the cause: There are times when we are angry for some other reason or at some other person but vent it out on somebody else. This does not only make us feel guilty but ruin our relationships with that person. But, when you know the actual reason behind the anger developing inside you, you might refrain from taking it out on somebody else.

Yes, channelizing your anger towards the same person, without losing temper may seem difficult. However, when it strikes to you that your fierceness is outbursting, stop. Stop and think who actually made you angry.

  1. Forgiveness! My personal experience says that the most difficult yet important part of a fight or argument is to forgive. I remember, in the early days of my college, I had a heated argument with one of my best friends over a very petty matter. It was over 2 weeks since we did not have any conversation, and anger took over our friendship.

It took me a month to go and apologize to her. But, was it my fault? Maybe, maybe not. But what was important was to forgive and gain back the friendship. An approach to easily adopt this way is to imagine. Have a conversation in your mind with the person and forgive them there. It will make talking and apologizing simple for you.

  1. Count it down: Perhaps the best strategy to cool yourself down while fighting or arguing with a person is to stop and start counting backward. Suppose, you realize that in a heated argument with one of your colleagues, your voice is gradually increasing and you know you have to stop, just stop talking and start counting from 100.

This instant trick has helped me a lot to calm my mind instantly and to control myself from speaking anything ill which might hurt the other person.


  1. Maintaining a journal? Many times, it happens that after a dispute you have many things in mind that you want to tell the other person but your relationship is already destroyed. There are instances where you want to shout at the other person in fury but you know that might create a worse situation. The most ideal approach to lighten yourself is to write everything down.

If you do not have a journal, just take a piece of paper and write down the things you want to tell them. This will help you to talk smoothly with them.

  1. Talk to someone close:

On the off chance that you need to relinquish the anger you have inside, call up a friend or someone from your family. If you keep everything to yourself, it will affect your mental health and you will undergo stress. Even when I am in fury, I try to talk to someone so that the burden of anger reduces and I feel light-headed and serene.

  1. Vent out your anger (in the right way):

Usually, when we are annoyed at somebody, we tend to shout or get into physical violence. These methods can definitely help in letting out your anger but it will worsen the situation. So, vent out your anger in the correct way. How? Write a letter to the person regarding the conflict and tear the letter. You can also take a paper and scratch it out. Another way is to send the person a text message and delete it immediately. These are the most viable ways to rid of your anger.

  1. Try to escape:

The last tip I would like to share with you all which can prevent outbursts and physical violence from happening is to leave the environment. When you are in the middle of a dispute, anything the other person says or does can trigger you. So it is best that you leave the place without even uttering a word. Anger management involves these small tricks which can assist you in staying calm even in the most heated arguments.

Sometimes, controlling your anger even with these steps becomes extremely difficult. Remember, something which has been spoken by you, good or bad, cannot be taken back. If you find that things are getting out of hand, just stop talking. Never say anything that you might regret later. Keep in mind that this issue can be resolved either by following these methods or getting professional help. I have seen people getting addicted to alcohol for holding onto things that stress them out. The best way to overcome a high temper like this is to seek help.

If you are confused about where to reach out for help, The Holistic Living platform can assist you in getting exclusive sessions with life coaches and self-help professionals. If you are concerned regarding your health, or family matters, you can get help from a coach who will give you the correct guidance. You can also explore their wellness store and blog section to get clarity.

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