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Effective and Affordable Online Relationship Counselling To Deal With Troubling In-Laws and Save Your Marriage | 24 x 7 Chat Support

Effective and Affordable Online Relationship Counselling To Deal With Troubling In-Laws and Save Your Marriage | 24 x 7 Chat Support

Online Relationship Counselling- Holistic Living

In India marriage is a bond between two families. Although the ratio of nuclear families are increasing, the newly wed couple is very much under the scrutiny of the in-laws. It is crucial to handle all the familial relationships because it contributes to the happiness and peace of married life.

Tension and conflicts with the in-laws is one of the major reasons behind separation and divorce. The judgements and opinions of the family members can distort your perception and create many doubts and misunderstandings between you and your partner.

Many couples have faced the brunt of troublesome in-laws. While some relationships fail to survive, there are others who eventually learn how to tackle with family issues and set healthy boundaries.

One such couple was Jay and Tanvi. They recently completed their online relationship counselling at Holistic Living. Their experience gives hope that with mutual efforts, honesty and hard work it is possible to mend a broken bond. 

Jay and Tanvi tied the knot in February 2017. Although it was an arranged marriage they instantly felt a connection with each other from the moment they met. Their friendship grew during the engagement period and eventually, they became crazy about each other. 

Just like most marriages, the first few years were filled with love, excitement and passion. After a year, there was subtle pressure to conceive a child from both sides of the family. At first, both Jay and Tanvi decided to put it on hold for at least two years and then start their family planning. However, three years passed and they still were not able to conceive. 

The tests and medical reports showed that Jay’s sperms were weak and Tanvi’s ovaries could not bear the weight of childbirth. This revelation created many issues between the families. Jay’s parents blamed Tanvi and would give her taunts and did not miss any opportunity to exhibit their disappointment. 

On the other hand, Tanvi’s parents were not much supportive either. They believed that it was now Tanvi’s battle to fight and they were helpless in this matter. 

These unfortunate circumstances took a toll on Jay and Tanvi’s relationship. They would argue and fight every single day and started resenting each other. Instead of standing together and facing the situation they were fighting against each other. 

The pressure and tension built up to such a point that both families decided that it would be best to separate ways. However, Jay and Tanvi hesitated with that decision. Somewhere in their hearts they still had love and respect for each other.

Tanvi’s sister suggested online relationship counselling as a last resort to resolving their issues and strengthening their marriage. Of course, online relationship counselling could not magically make their problems disappear but it could help them to develop better communication and problem-solving skills. 

Jay and Tanvi were sceptical about online relationship counselling. They knew that their families would not approve of it because of all the stereotypes attached to therapy. After days of contemplation and discussion, they decided to take online relationship counselling and give a fair chance to their marriage.

During the sessions of online relationship counselling, the expert therapist worked on building good rapport and a safe space for Jay and Tanvi. This was the first time they discussed their concerns and feelings without the opinions and interference of both families. 

Gradually, they could look at the situation from their point of view rather than being influenced by others’ judgements. They both realized that infertility was never a concern for them. It was the pressure and expectations from the families that affected their bond. 

The expert relationship counsellor helped them to develop stronger trust and understanding between each other. Jay and Tanvi learned how to protect their peace and happiness and set healthy boundaries with their family members. 

Online relationship counselling boosted their confidence in their relationship and helped them to become mentally and emotionally resilient. 

During the process of online relationship counselling, Jay and Tanvi conveyed their decision and choices to their families. This time they were firm and emotionally stronger to face any difficult situation together. They tacked everything as husband and wife which strengthened their relationship even more. 

“Talking to the expert relationship counsellor gave both of us a different perspective. We were so caught up in the problems that we forgot the responsibility and love we have for each other. Online relationship counsellor was a breath of fresh air. It helped us to relax and see things differently” says Jay.

It has been a year since Jay and Tanvi completed their online relationship counselling. They are stronger as a couple and have found peace and happiness in their family life as well. 

Their journey helps us to understand that at times we cannot stop or control a storm from coming. There is no way we can change external circumstances, but we can change ourselves and adapt better to the situation. 

In their case, it was medically not possible for them to conceive a child. This issue led to a lot of tension and pressure from their in-laws. The stress took a toll on their marriage and if it was not for their decision to take online relationship counselling, they both would have ended up taking a regretful decision.

“I am happy that we chose to save our marriage instead of succumbing to the pressure put by our in-laws. In the end, it is our decision as a husband and wife and setting boundaries have helped us to protect our peace of mind and the love we share for each other. Online relationship counselling helped us in many ways but most importantly it glued our bond as husband and wife which I feel is a total dealbreaker in any marriage” concludes Tanvi. 

Every relationship has its fair share of problems. A marriage will survive only when both partners are willing to work together and go the extra mile to protect their relationship. It is how you tackle the challenges that truly define the success of your marriage. 

Things can get too overwhelming at times, the pressure, stress and tension can drive you to a point where you may believe that separation is the only way out. But hold on, take a deep breath, and see whether this is what you really want. If there is even the slightest hope that you and your partner could make it out alive through the storm then it is worth giving your marriage a second chance. 

Online relationship counselling is no longer a taboo. It is not for broken couples. Instead, it is for those who value and treasure their relationship so much that they are willing to do everything it takes to make it work. 

Just like Jay and Tanvi, there are many couples who have strengthened their bond with the help of an expert relationship counsellor. After all, having someone to grow old with and share all your good and bad times is a heavenly feeling, isn’t it?

Note: Holistic Living provides a 10-minute Free consultation with an expert counsellor to answer and clear all your doubts. If you are looking for online relationship counselling but don’t know where to start then WhatsApp/Call us today and we will help you out at every step

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