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Online Past Life Regression Therapy- All Across America and Europe

Online Past Life Regression Therapy- All Across America and Europe

Online Past Life Regression Therapy

– How Can It Change Your Life

Written by Holistic Living Author, New York City


Does life ever leave you baffled? The struggles we endure, the connections we make, and the relationships we encounter can feel like a complicated web. At times we get stuck in this web, unable to figure out what exactly is happening and why it is happening at all.


The stranger you saw on the subway who felt oddly familiar, or that one person who has disrupted your life but you simply can’t live without. All the times when you felt a deep emptiness within you or contemplated over the meaning of life.


If your mind spins with questions about life and the answers seem unreachable then let me share a secret with you. In fact, it is not really a secret. It is the truth that our souls have lived many lifetimes.


In each life, we have experienced different relationships, emotions, and lessons that are buried within our consciousness. These memories of the past continue to affect our current life. If there are any unresolved conflicts, unhealed wounds, or karmic debt then we will continue to encounter challenges until we take conscious efforts to clear the past karma.


Now, online past life regression therapy is one way in which you can experience your previous lives at a subconscious level and increase your awareness. By understanding your past, you can change your present and even heal your future generations.


How does that work? 


Firstly, let’s understand the different ways in which our past can influence our current lives.


Unresolved Trauma: Traumatic experiences from previous lifetimes may leave an emotional imprint that carries over into our current life. These unresolved traumas can manifest as fears, phobias, anxieties, or unexplained emotional reactions in response to certain triggers or situations.


Karmic Patterns: The concept of karma suggests that our actions and choices in past lives create an energetic balance that carries forward into future lives. Negative actions or unresolved conflicts from past lives may result in karmic patterns that affect our current circumstances, relationships, or life challenges.


This can manifest as repeated patterns of difficult relationships, financial struggles, or health issues until the karmic lessons are learned and resolved.


Soul Contracts and Relationships: It is believed that souls can make agreements or contracts with each other across different lifetimes. These soul contracts may involve shared lessons, growth opportunities, or unresolved conflicts.


As a result, we may find ourselves drawn to certain people in our present life due to the unfinished business or soul connections from previous lifetimes. These relationships can bring forth challenges, lessons, and opportunities for healing and growth.


Limiting Beliefs and Behavior Patterns: Our experiences, beliefs, and behavior patterns from past lives can shape our subconscious minds and influence our present choices and actions. Limiting beliefs or fears carried over from previous lifetimes can hinder our personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being.


Online past life regression therapy focuses on identifying the root cause of your issues and the steps you need to take to resolve them. It can also serve as a guiding light that can lead you to your life purpose, soul connections, and real happiness.


For instance, Mohan who lives in New Jersey used to have recurrent dreams about a particular place in India. The dream was vividly detailed and felt strikingly familiar. For some reason, Mohan could not get it out of his head. Anxious and weary with the repetitive dream, he sought the guidance of an expert PLR expert.


Through online past life regression therapy, Mohan could finally intercept the meaning of the dream. The place that he dreamed about was his home in one of his previous lives. In a tragic incident, Mohan and his two children were killed, leaving his wife behind.


After completing his online past life regression therapy, he had a strong urge to visit that place in India. He could easily locate it on the maps. Little did he know that he would find his soulmate there.


From having the same dream to taking online past life regression therapy, and ending up with his soulmate, Mohan’s life definitely took a drastic turn.


His story serves as a testament that life can work in mysterious ways, and online past life regression can be the key to unlocking these mysteries.




Online past life regression therapy is an alternative healing modality that helps you understand the connection between your past and your current life issues. It fosters self-awareness and guides you on how you can break free from your karmic patterns and make space for happiness, genuine connections, success, and abundance.


Online past life regression therapy can foster spiritual growth, leading to your life purpose and helping you move forward in your soul evolution.


Isn’t that all we need anyway?


Hi beautiful person! Thank you for reaching this blog. If your thirst for knowledge is not satisfied and if you want to know more about online past life regression therapy then you can check out other blogs OR you can directly connect with our expert PLR therapist. 

All you have to do is click on the link and it will take you to a WhatsApp chat where you can ask all your questions about online past life regression therapy. 


Still thinking? Hit the link and seize the opportunity today.

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