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Online Hypnotherapy cost per session in Mumbai and Is it Worth it?

Hypnotherapy cost per session depends on several factors including the type of issue you are struggling with, the expertise of the Hypnotherapist, and the location of the Hypnotherapy clinic. Hypnotherapy cost per session in Mumbai can vary from 2500/- and go up to even 50,000/-

Why is Hypnotherapy Expensive?

Hypnotherapy is an intensive process. It resolves the issues at a grassroots level. The end goal of every Hypnotherapist is ideally to help their clients manage life issues on their own by developing a resilient and positive mindset.

Hypnotherapy cost per session may seem a bit high but consider it as a life-long investment. You will certainly see its invaluable returns in your health, relationships, and career as well.

Take the example of Amita. She is a 35-year-old woman residing in Bandra, Mumbai. She used to struggle with self-esteem issues.

At her workplace, she found it incredibly difficult to interact with her senior associates or set boundaries with her colleagues. As a result, she was stuck in the same position for years.

The same was reflected in her relationships as well. She could not stand up for herself and express her needs openly. So, there she was, feeling stuck in her life with minimal growth in her career as well as her relationships.

When Amita opted for online hypnotherapy in Mumbai, she was a bit skeptical, particularly about the costs involved.

But she was equally determined to take charge of her life and climb the ladder of success both personally and professionally. And that is why she was willing to invest her time and money into Hypnotherapy.

The results that Amita received from online Hypnotherapy at Holistic Living were remarkable! It helped her to break free from self-limiting beliefs, and build trust in her ability to achieve her dreams.

Online Hypnotherapy in Mumbai was a transformative experience for Amita. From being an underconfident woman, she has now realized her inner power and unleashed her true potential.

Hypnotherapy cost per session was 200% worthwhile for Amita.

Hypnotherapy cost per session is simply a minimal investment when you compare it with the invaluable results you get.

What Is Hypnotherapy Cost Per Session at Holistic Living, Mumbai?

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At Holistic Living, we first recommend taking an initial consultation with our expert Hypnotherapist. This consultation focuses on understanding your core needs and the best course of treatment for you. It is also aimed at developing rapport and comfort.

The cost of the initial consultation is only 2500/- and it can be done online as well as offline.

You can call 9321073548/9321447981 or CLICK ON THIS LINK to connect with top hypnotherapists in Mumbai.

Or Visit the Holistic Living Counselling Centre in Chembur, Mumbai.

After the first consultation, you will have much better clarity on the hypnotherapy cost per session, the duration of the therapy, and the expected results.


Don’t just sit and wait for life to change. Instead, take control of your present and start building a better future. Five years down the line you should be proud of the choices you made today!

We freely spend on junk food, something that destroys our health but hesitate in investing in therapy that can make our lives better.


Online Hypnotherapy holds the power to resolve your issues and allow you to create better relationships, health, and success.

Grab this opportunity today!

Talk to our best hypnotherapists in Mumbai and unleash your inner power.

Best Online Hypnotherapy in Mumbai. Meet Top Certified Hypnotherapist in Mumbai, 500+ success cases, 100% safety and privacy. Get free from anxiety, stress, negative thinking, and more. Book your 10-minute Free consultation today.

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