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7 Signs You Have A Past Life Connection With Someone

“The moment we locked our eyes, I knew he was the one. My soul instantly recognized him and I was overwhelmed to realize that I had a strong past life connection with him”

Disha, 32 years old, Mumbai, India.

This was the first meeting between Disha and Tarun. It was intense, comforting, and a bit confusing. Disha was sure that she had met him before but could not quiet recall where and when.

Disha’s intuition was on point. Because when she did past life regression therapy at Holistic Living, Mumbai, she saw Tarun in one of her past lives and they then shared a passionate love story.

Two souls never meet by accident. According to spiritual beliefs and the theory of reincarnation, our soul chooses the people we will meet, love, hate and cherish. Every relationship that we build, and every person that we encounter serves a purpose in our lives. They keep coming back in every lifetime to help us understand and fulfill that purpose.

Past life connections are profound, meaningful and transformative. To recognize a past life connection and understand their presence in our lives can change us in ways we could never imagine.

In this article, we will cover 7 major signs of past life connection. Before that, we advise you to keep your minds open and clear. Let your intuition guide you, and by the end of it you will have a better clarity on whether or not you share a past life connection with this special someone.

Sign #1: Sense of Familiarity

Souls that share a past life connection can instantly recognize each other. There is a nagging feeling that you have seen and met them before. Past life lovers may also share an undeniable chemistry. There is a sense of magnetism like something strong is pulling you toward them.

Sign #2: Instant Connection

Past life connections have no relation to time, space and distance. Whenever you meet them, you will feel like you have been with each other for a long time. There is no sense of awkwardness, and you just instantly hit it off. Even if you have been apart for days and years, it will not matter. The moment you meet each other again, the vibe and connection will still be the same.

Sign #3 Intuitive Connection

When you have a past life connection with someone, you will be able to feel their emotions and moods even if they are not physically present with you.

Take the example of Nayan and Sana. They are best friends. One night Nayan could not sleep at all. She had a weird tingling in her palms, and her chest felt heavy and anxious. The next morning Nayan received a call that Sana has been admitted in the hospital due a road accident.

A few months later when Nayan went for past life regression therapy, she saw Sana in one of her past lives. They were sisters back then and shared a strong bond.

So, if you share an intuitive or telepathic connection with them, there are high chances that this person could be your past life connection.

Sign #4 They Mirror You

Past life connections, particularly twin flame relationships share many similar likes, dislikes and life experiences. You also share similar mindset, attitude, personality traits and may even reveal each other’s darker sides. In some cases, people who are a past life connection may also have a similar physical appearance.

Basically, past life connections are like a mirror to your soul. It will reveal good, bad, and ugly things about you. It also has the potential to bring out your fears, suppressed desires and everything that is not aligned with your authentic self.

For instance, if you tend to play the victim card then this person will have a strong character who refuses to show unnecessary sympathy and pity. If you are all hyper and messy then this person will be calm and relaxed. By mirroring your soul, this person will teach you important lessons, pushing you toward growth and enlightenment.

Sign #5 Extreme Emotions

Nothing is average with this person. Either they will infuriate you and get on your nerves, or they will sweep you off with love and happiness. However, this should not be confused with genuine love. Past life connections are not always romantic in nature. Their whole purpose is to wake you up and force you to make important changes in your life.

Sign #6 Nothing Feels The Same

Ever since this person has entered your life, nothing feels the same anymore. You will begin to experience profound changes within yourself. From the moment you meet your past life connection, your life will not be the same again and you will wonder how you ever lived before them.

Sign #7 Life Lessons

All in all, when a past life connection enters your life again, it is always for a reason. Remember that two souls never meet by accident. Nothing in this universe happens by coincidence.

If you have met someone from your past life then be prepared to learn some valuable life lessons. They will shake you and wake you up! Depending on the type of connection, they can either wreck havoc in your life or become your strong support system as you navigate life challenges.

Whether positive or negative, a past life connection will leave an unforgettable impression on your life.

Past Life Regression Therapy

One of the best and most reliable ways to identify a past life connection is to literally see them through past life regression therapy.

If you have someone in your life who is showing these signs then we would highly recommend doing past life regression therapy to gain more clarity. At times, these connections may have unresolved karmic debt, bringing negativity and toxicity in your life.

Past life regression therapy can help you understand the purpose of this connection and guide you on how you can heal them.

Word of Warning

Please refrain from making your own conclusions and assumptions based on this article on any other information you read on the internet. It is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional to navigate your life issues or gain better understanding of your current relationships.

Call/WhatsApp 91-9321073548 or CLICK THIS LINK to consult an expert past life regression therapist at Holistic Living today.

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