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What Should You Do If You’re Told You Have A Healing Touch ?

What Should You Do If You’re Told You Have A Healing Touch ?

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Perhaps someone has told you that you have a natural talent for healing or have a healing touch. Many people have healing gifts and abilities but are unaware of them, whilst others have known their entire lives that they were intended to be healers.

If you hear this and it resonates with you, there are various avenues you can take to use your skills for the highest and greatest good.

Do You Consider Yourself a Healer?
If you’ve been told you’re a healer, it could suggest you have a lot of healing touch and healing energy or the ability to work with those who need mental, spiritual, and emotional healing.

It may also imply that you have the ability to lay aside your own ego-driven wants to serve as a conduit for healing energy or to engage with those who require healing.

Discover Your Healing Potential
Healing talents are present in almost everyone, but some people have a great gift for it and can use it to aid others. There are other ways to use your healing abilities, such as becoming an energy healer or taking a more traditional path. The first stage, though, is to determine whether you want to work as a healer.

Is It Resonating as Truth?
Everyone has a heavenly guidance system that can assist them in discerning the truth. Your spiritual guidance communicates with you in a variety of ways, including dreams or visions, intuition, or surfacing as a knowing or sense of rightness. If something rings true for you, if it feels wonderful and makes you think, “Yes, this is true,” then it probably is. So, how does it feel to be told you’re a natural healer? Does it click and feel true, or does it feel incorrect? To assist you to recognise reality, pay attention to the signs you receive from your own divine guiding system.

Is this something you’ve always wished for?
Often, the goals and desires you have for yourself are the results of your heavenly guiding system gently nudging you along the genuine path of your spirit. So, if you’ve always wanted to be a healer or if it’s something you’ve quietly or openly desired, this is the road for you.

Is it a subject that interests you?
If you’re drawn to knowledge on energy healing touch or other types of healing touch, likely, this is also a nudge from your spiritual guidance.

Investigate Your Options as a Healer Man Endowed with Healing Energy
If, after careful analysis, you believe you may have energy healing talents, you have several options for putting those abilities to good use. There are many different types of healing and courses available to assist you to begin to use your powers for the greater good. Choose one that appeals to your interests or simply seems good to you.

Energy Healing Using Your Hands
If you communicate with others on a personal level through touch, or if you are a highly tactile person who prefers to undergo hands-on therapies, you may benefit from learning various forms of hands-on energy healing.

Reiki is a type of healing touch in which you can channel life force energy (also known as qi or prana) through contact or at a distance. A Reiki Master-Teacher must teach and attune you to the energy for you to become a practitioner.

Quantum-Touch is a type of hands-on healing that allows you to channel life force energy from the planet to a healing partner.
Polarity therapy allows you to balance the five elements (ether, air, fire, water, and earth) in the body through hands-on practice.

Energy Healing Using Tools
You can also employ a variety of tools in your work as an energy healer, with many books and courses available to get you started.

Crystal healing makes use of rocks and jewels to balance and harmonize spiritual energy. Begin with a good book to assist you to comprehend the fundamental concepts, and then move on to crystals lessons, which you may find locally through metaphysical shops.

Sound waves are used in sound healing to balance energy and vibration. Again, starting with a good book is a terrific approach to become acquainted with the principles and techniques, and then you can pursue various courses, such as those offered by the Tama-do, Tibetan Bowl School, or Sound Healing courses.

Aromatherapy uses the aroma of essential oils to promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Begin by reading some good books on the subject, and then broaden your understanding with classes.

Traditional Healing Techniques
Of course, you might be inclined to more traditional therapeutic approaches, such as becoming a doctor, midwife, nurse, osteopath, veterinarian, physical therapist, psychologist, naturopath, acupuncturist, chiropractor, music therapist, or massage therapist (among others). Each of these professions has a distinct path to becoming a practitioner that includes formal education as well as supervised clinical experience. If you are interested in traditional healing practices, check for accredited schools, colleges, and universities where you can further your studies.

To learn about these techniques attend a workshop to educate yourself

If you are drawn to healing or have been informed you have healing powers and believe the information, there are numerous traditional and non-traditional pathways you can follow to begin incorporating your natural interests and abilities into your life. Regularly meditate to tune in to your spiritual guidance system, and then explore various modalities of healing to discover which appears to be the best fit for you. As you investigate the various sorts of healing, you may be led down unexpected roads, allowing you to completely express who you are as a healer.

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