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What Attracts Me to Certain Crystals?

What Attracts Me to Certain Crystals?

Alternative healing: How crystals became the wellness trend of the moment

Have you ever felt drawn to a certain gemstone in a metaphysical or crystal shop? When you have a strong attraction to or affinity for a healing crystal, it’s often because the crystal contains energetic properties that you require in your life right now.

The Healing Crystals’ Vibration
All healing gemstones have a certain frequency that they vibrate at. A crystal’s vibration frequency is determined by a variety of elements, including its color, crystalline lattice structure, opacity, and form. Each crystal has its own unique energy pattern or vibration as a result of all of these factors.

Why Are Crystal Attractions So Popular? When crystal attractions arise, Newtonian and quantum physics provide possible answers.

Everything is made up of energy.
Everything, even healing crystals, has a vibrational frequency. According to quantum scientists, everything is made up of microscopic strands of vibrating energy in its most fundamental form. Living creatures, inanimate objects, ideas, noises, and even seemingly empty space all fall within this category. While matter appears to be solid, it is actually made up of vibrating energy threads held together by fields to provide the appearance of mass. As a result, everything vibrates, including you and any crystals you come across.

Entrainment of Energy
When Dutch scientist Christian Huygens hung two pendulum clocks near each other on the wall in the 1600s, he noticed that, while swinging at differing rates at first, the pendulums soon locked into phase and moved in unison. This led to the discovery of entrainment, a principle that states that when two oscillating bodies vibrate at different frequencies and are close to each other, the vibrations of each impact the other until they begin to move at the same pace. Any oscillating body is subject to this principle. Because humans and crystals both vibrate, they lock into phase and begin to vibrate at the same rate when they are brought close together.

 Reaching Out to Your Vibration
Some portion of your energetic system detects a crystal vibrating at a rate that would be beneficial to you if you locked into phase with the crystal’s energy, which is why you feel drawn or attracted to it. You’re drawn to that energy because it’s the kind of energy you need to achieve your highest and best goals.

Identifying Attraction
How can you tell if you’re attracted to a certain crystal? This attraction can happen in a variety of ways. When you first walk into a crystal or metaphysical store, close your eyes and notice if you feel pulled in any direction or to any portion of the store. If the need to travel somewhere emerges, follow it and narrow it down by considering the following considerations.

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Does the Crystal stand out?
Sometimes one gem piques your curiosity more than the others. You may like the way it looks, its name, its colour, or the fact that you want it more than the others around it. If you’re drawn to a certain crystal or find one you like and can’t stop thinking about it, it’s likely that you’re picking up on the stone’s favourable vibration.

When you hold it, does it feel “right”?
If you’re still not sure, take the crystal in your non-dominant hand and hold it in your receiving hand (left if you are right-handed or right if you are left-handed). Feel the gem in your palm by closing your eyes. Take note of how your body, mind, and spirit are feeling.

Does the crystal make you feel at ease?
Do you feel more concentrated as a result of it?
Is it causing you to become agitated?
Is there a vibration in your hand?
Does it itch you or make you feel uneasy?
Do you have any physical symptoms or a change in your mood?
All of these factors will indicate whether or not the crystal is appropriate for you. If it feels nice to you and makes you feel good, it’s probably a gemstone you require. Try a different crystal if it makes you feel uneasy or agitated.

Is it beckoning to you?
You may walk away from a crystal just to have it return to your mind later. This is the crystal calling to you, encouraging you to incorporate it into your life.

Getting to Know Your Crystals
The way crystals appeal to you is incredibly personal. When you are drawn to a crystal, it is a sign from your soul that this is the energy you require in your life. Adopt the crystal, bring it home, cleanse it, and then let its energy to entrain with yours for the highest and best good.

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