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Clinical Psychologist Suggests 7 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

Clinical Psychologist Suggests 7 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

Clinical Psychologist Suggests 7 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

Yes, everyone can fight addiction, you just need to have the dedication. According to our expert clinical psychologist, addiction is one of the most common issues faced by people in modern day.  Addiction is capable of turning a healthy man into an unsound person, ruining his whole life. A man can lose his family, friends, wealth, and probably everything due to addiction. It can also affect one’s professional life and his life will be destroyed.

People usually begin to consume drugs and other narcotic items when something bad happens to them but a person can overcome their pain in various ways. Narcotic items do assist people to relieve stress and stay relaxed but ask this question to yourself, are few hours of fake happiness worth destroying your whole life?

It is never too late to achieve something you want. Even if you have been smoking for a long time, you can quit  NOW. De-addiction is very important to live a happy life. Yes, you might face a lot of hurdles in between but keeping a positive outlook will help to overcome your addiction. Once you quit smoking, there will be an improvement in your lifestyle and you will have the support of your loved ones, consistently. On this note, I would like to share a real-life experience with you all.

I have a friend, Lakshya, whom I have known for 18 years. He was a bright student in school and went out of state for college. He was quite serious with his studies, but as it is said, one dirty fish can spoil the whole pond. We all are aware of how college life transforms a student. The burden of studies and examinations and the influence of his friends forced Lakshya to smoke for the first time. He had narrated his first experience to me that how he felt alive and stress relieved. Smoking was a good stress-buster for him

Every time Lakshya used to face any challenge, he smoked a cigarette, and slowly it had become an addiction. The first consequence of the addiction was a drastic fall in his grades at college. The management had called his parents and Lakshya was to be given one last chance which very sadly he squandered. Lakshya was thrown out of college but his smoking did not stop. His parents stopped giving him money, and he practised unlawful approaches to buy the products.

quit smoking

Lakshya lost his family support and had no friends to talk to. He realized his mistake when his younger brother completed college and got a job. The happiness he gave to the family was enormous. That is when Lakshya noticed the peace and satisfaction he was lacking and how he had wasted the most precious years of his life. He immediately decided to quit smoking and took up various practices that assisted him in his journey of de-addiction.

7 Best Ways To Quit Smoking

  1. Listen to your family and friends:

When you become addicted to any narcotics product, your thinking power reduces and you tend to do make wrong decisions. At this time, your family and friends will think of your best interests. They will give you the correct advice regarding everything and you will see how it alters your lifestyle. So, never ignore what your parents or your loved ones tell to you, and follow their opinions thoroughly. It will help you to Quit Smoking.

  1. Develop strong will power:

Yes, it is tough to quit smoking or any addiction, but YOU are the one who can make your addiction go away. Never think that you are too weak to stop smoking, or you are reliant on your addiction. Evolve a strong will power and be positive. Keep reminding yourself that, yes, you are capable of quitting. It is your will power that will help you in quitting and lead a happy life. 

  1. Decide a ‘QUIT DAY’:

This is the most helpful method to quit smoking. Addiction cannot disappear within a minute. It takes years for people to finally quit smoking. Deciding upon a quit day can help a lot and give you motivation. Just mark a day, it can be a week from the current date, a month, or even a year. Inform about this date to all your family members and friends. You will have to make up your mind, throw all the cigarette packs from your house and that day will be the start of your quitting journey. It will help you to Quit Smoking.

  1. Go for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT):

If you face difficulty after quitting and are craving for a cigarette, you stand a chance to go back to your addiction again. NRT can suffice your cravings without letting you consume the narcotics. There are a lot of products available, like, nicotine patches and chewing gums. These might help you to resist your cravings and can be a good alternative. It will help you to Quit Smoking.

  1. AA meetings:

AA meetings refer to the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. People who are addicted to various types of drugs, alcohol, and even smokers come here and share their life stories. The people attending the meetings are complete strangers and their stories might help you in your journey of quitting. You can share your story as well and listen to the hardships of other people. It motivates you not to resume again and you can speak your heart out without getting judged by anybody.

  1. Help other smokers:

quit smoking

Another method that can motivate you not to distract from your motive is to help other smokers to quit. Be a part of their quitting journey and mentor them throughout. This will not only help them but also help you whenever you will think of resuming smoking again. It will help you to Quit Smoking.

  1. Have faith in yourself:

The last tip is to believe in yourself. If you are committed to not get to smoking again, you will have to stick to your words. Just making excuses and not finally stopping will never help you. Trust yourself, and go with the flow. You will surely be successful in starting a new life. It will help you to Quit Smoking.

 As we know, if there is a will, there is a way. Lakshya had adopted all these practices and he could quit smoking and start his life with a clean slate. Going to meetings and helping other people gave him the motivation to quit. He could realize how smoking made people’s life miserable. He resumed his studies and is successfully working now. Let me ask you this if Lakshya could improve his life, why can’t you? Decide a quit day for yourself, and you will see your loved ones supporting you again.

Are you facing any difficulty in quitting smoking or any other drugs? Book yourself an exclusive session with a Clinical Psychologist from our community wellness platform who will assist you in your journey of de-addiction. You can also buy some books and products from the wellness store which will help you in practicing various ways to quit your habit. Get on board and set on a journey to improve your life today!




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