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Cleanse Your Aura Using 5 Simple Techniques

Cleanse Your Aura Using 5 Simple Techniques

Cleanse your aura using these 5 simple techniques

Aura is the energy field that surrounds you. You need to cleanse your aura from time to time as it might get muddled because of the negative energies surrounding you. 

Removing the negative energy field and replacing it with a positive one can be a tough task. Jealousy, fight, gossip, hatred are all around us. If we are not careful, these things can darken the aura. And when you have darkened aura you might feel overwhelmed, drained, angry, and irritated. Worry no more and go through this blog to get yourself equipped with the techniques to cleanse your aura. 

5 simple techniques to cleanse your aura –

Bask in sunlight 

Basking in the sun is the best way to welcome your day with positive energy.

cleanse your aura by basking in sunlightSince ancient times the people believed that sunlight has healing powers. Various cultures still worship the sun and rely on it to ward off negative forces and energies.

So, take a cue from the ancestors and let the morning light embrace you. Warm and rosy sunshine has healing power in it, let it wash over you.

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Let water cleanse you

Rivers, lakes, and oceans have an important place in almost every religion because they are known to purify the mind, body, and spirit. So if you want to purge the negative energy you can visit a lake, river, or ocean and immerse yourself in it (exercise caution).

If you don’t wish to venture out, you can fill your bathtub with some Himalayan sea salt, a few drops of your favorite essential oil and you are ready to go! 

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White light meditation

The white light meditation technique is used by people many around the world to cleanse the aura. This meditation helps us to tune into the natural healing rhythms inside the body and help us reach our maximum wellness.meditation can be used to clean your aura

To cleanse your aura through this technique, you need to sit comfortably (keeping your spine straight) and gently close your eyes. After this, you have to visualize a white light above your head and slowly let it enter the crown chakra (top of your head). And then let the light move beyond it and cleanse all the other chakras. 

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Let nature heal you

Allow yourself to feel the beauty of the nature surrounding you. Listening to the bird song, the sight of the horizon, the fresh smell of the breeze will have a calming effect on you if you allow it. 

cleanse your aura by being close to natureYou don’t have to wander far off to notice the beauty, it is there around you, in the smallest things.

You can also try the ancient aura cleansing practice of smudging. You just have to pick up some herbs (thyme, cedar) wrap them in a bundle, and then light the end of the bundle with a matchstick. Now, let the smoke pass gently pass over your body. 

Prayers and positive affirmations

Prayers and positive affirmations have miraculous effects on our aura. The people who pray and practice affirmations find it easier to remove the negative energy field and replace it with a positive one. 

Pick up a suitable time in a day and get ready to say the prayers or chant the mantras. Allow them to move you from the darkness towards the light. 

You can also pick up a diary and start writing positive affirmations or things you are grateful for. This exercise will help you purge all the welled-up feelings inside you and cleanse your aura. 

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