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Certified Couple Therapist Explains 10 Reasons Why Modern Marriages Are Failing

Certified Couple Therapist Explains 10 Reasons Why Modern Marriages Are Failing

The Shaky Foundation on Which Modern

Marriages are Built.

Eye-opening take by a Certified Couple Therapist


The times are changing rapidly. We may no longer have to hunt wild animals for basic survival, but we are definitely living in a jungle of our own. Increasing technology, lack of quality times, and financial burdens have taken a toll on our relationships and married life.

In this article, our certified couple therapist delves into ten significant factors contributing to the failure of marriages in contemporary times. Understanding these factors can help you to take the right measures at the right time, and save your marriage from falling apart.


Communication Breakdown

Effective communication serves as the lifeblood of any successful relationship. However, modern couples often struggle to communicate openly and honestly. With the advent of technology and increased distractions, meaningful dialogue is often neglected.

The certified couple therapist has keenly observed that couples who fail to address concerns and express their needs openly can witness the erosion of trust and emotional intimacy.

For instance, consider the case of Sarah and John. Over time, they became consumed by their individual careers and rarely engaged in deep conversations about their feelings and aspirations. This lack of communication resulted in a growing emotional distance, leading to resentment and bitterness.


Escalating Financial Stress

Financial strains exert tremendous pressure on marriages. In modern times, economic uncertainties, mounting debts, and mismatched financial expectations can wreak havoc on relationships. Studies indicate that financial problems rank among the top causes of divorce globally. Unresolved financial conflicts can create an environment of tension and resentment within a marriage.

Take the case of Manish and Liya. They had differing financial priorities and struggled to find common ground. Manish’s impulsive spending habits and Liya’s conservative approach to money management became sources of heated arguments. After seeking the guidance of the certified couple therapist and simultaneously consulting a financial planner, they were able to discuss their financial goals and resolve the growing tension.


Unrealistic Expectations

Modern society bombards individuals with unrealistic expectations about marriage and relationships. Media, movies, and social media portray fairy tale romances that often bear little resemblance to reality. Consequently, couples enter marriages with lofty and impractical expectations. When these expectations go unmet, disappointment and dissatisfaction set in, leading to marital breakdown.


Consider the example of Jay and Inaya. They seeked the help of the certified couple therapist when their relationship was plagued by boredom and monotony. They believed that marriage would provide constant excitement and happiness, as depicted in movies. However, the reality of day-to-day challenges and mundane routines left them disillusioned.


Infidelity and Trust Issues

Infidelity remains a painful and prevalent issue that strains modern marriages. The ease of connectivity through social media and dating apps, coupled with personal dissatisfaction or external temptations, contributes to a higher likelihood of extramarital affairs. Certified couple therapist emphasizes on the devastating effects of betrayal on trust, emotional connection, and the overall stability of a marriage.

Rebuilding trust after infidelity can be extremely challenging. But with consistent efforts and mutual commitment it can be possible to overcome the past, and rekindle the relationship, assures certified couple therapist.


Imbalance Between Work and Family Life

Balancing the demands of work and family has become an increasingly intricate challenge for modern couples. The pursuit of successful careers often leaves limited time and energy for nurturing relationships. High-stress jobs, long working hours, and extensive travel commitments can strain marriages and lead to emotional disconnection

Couples who priotize their family life over work demands have higher chances of creating a happy marriage and a stable family, says certified couple therapist.


Lack of Intimacy

Physical and emotional intimacy forms the backbone of a healthy and fulfilling marriage. However, modern couples often struggle to prioritize and maintain intimacy in their relationships. Hectic schedules, stress, and changing priorities contribute to a decline in physical affection and emotional closeness.

The certified couple therapist has witnessed many cases where couples become like two roomates living with each other. It is not just lack of sex, but also a loss of emotional and physical touch.


Changing Gender Roles and Expectations

The evolving dynamics of gender roles have introduced new challenges to modern marriages. As traditional gender expectations shift, couples must navigate uncharted territory. The struggle for equality, coupled with differing societal expectations, can create conflicts, power struggles, and confusion within relationships.

Cultural and Religious Differences

Interfaith and intercultural marriages can bring unique complexities and challenges that strain the marital bond. Divergent beliefs, traditions, and expectations can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings, especially when couples fail to address and appreciate their differences.

Consider the story of David and Priya, who came from different cultural backgrounds. Initially, their diverse perspectives brought excitement and richness to their relationship. However, as time went on, cultural clashes and differences in religious practices emerged as significant points of contention. The certified couple therapist helped them to reconcile their cultural disparities and strengthen their marital bond.


Lack of Emotional Support

Emotional support serves as a pillar of strength in a successful marriage. However, the prevalence of mental health issues and emotional disconnection in modern times can strain relationships. When couples fail to provide the necessary emotional support, marital satisfaction declines, and conflicts escalate.

Consider the example of Aryan and Sonya. Sonya suffered from chronic anxiety, but Aryan dismissed her struggles, believing she was overreacting. His lack of empathy and support intensified Lisa’s emotional distress, leaving her feeling isolated and misunderstood. The absence of emotional support eventually led to the breakdown of their marriage.


Reluctance to Seek Help

Pride, stigma, and a lack of awareness often prevent couples from seeking professional help when their marriages are in crisis. Couples who hesitate to seek assistance deny themselves the opportunity to navigate challenges effectively and rekindle their relationships.

For instance, Mike and Karen faced communication issues, but they were hesitant to seek couples therapy. Instead, they attempted to solve their problems on their own, but their efforts only intensified the situation. It was only after seeking the professional guidance of certified couple therapist that they were able to resolve their issues.


While the challenges facing modern marriages are undeniable, hope remains in the form of marriage counseling. Through effective communication, resolving conflicts, and fostering emotional connection, couples can overcome the obstacles that threaten their unions.


By talking to a certified couple therapist, couples can build a strong and happy marriage that stands the test of time. Take a 10-minutes Free Consultation with Certified Couple Therapist Today!

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