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Best Online Marriage Counselling For Solving Infidelity and Trust Issues

Best Online Marriage Counselling For Solving Infidelity and Trust Issues

Online marriage counselling is the most feasible and effective solution for couples with busy schedules. It gives them the leverage to take the session from any part of the world and find the time to work on their relationship or marriage. 

Although, there could be certain doubts about the scalability of online marriage counselling, at Holistic Living we have witnessed the great power of online marriage counselling in helping couples resolve their issues and reconcile their marriage. 

Bhairav and Veena have been married for 8 years. They live in the prime area of Mumbai. Bhairav’s work is demanding, and he is required to stay away for months together. The lack of stability, long spells of absence and an unfortunate incident of cheating had left a huge dent in their marriage. They wondered if it was even possible to fix that dent at all.

Bhairav and Veena lived separately for 3 months. They have a 5-year-old daughter who was left utterly confused and could not comprehend why her mamma and papa were living away from each other. For the sake of their daughter, they decided to give their marriage another chance. 

Bhairav and Veena started going for marriage counselling. After just two sessions, Bhairav had to leave the city for work. The marriage counsellor had specifically insisted they not miss the sessions and be consistent if they expected to see any change in their current relationship dynamics. 

Veena who by now was completely disappointed and hopeless about her marriage told Bhairav that it would be better to file for a divorce than continue living in hell. However, this time he was determined to make it work. 

He said, “We decided to do this for our daughter. But the truth is it is not only because of Ketki that I wanted to seek marriage counselling. I still love you. I think about the days when everything was good between us… those were the best days of my life. I cannot let it go. I regret that one night so much you have no idea! If I could go back in time and change everything I would do it. But I can’t. All I can do is assure you that we will get through this. What do you feel?”

Veena said, “It is very difficult to trust you again. Sometimes I cannot even look at you. But you are right.. It is for Ketki and also because of the love we once shared. I think we should consult the marriage counsellor and ask her opinion on this situation”

Bhairav and Veena explained their situation to the marriage counsellor. She listened to them intently and then suggested online marriage counselling. Sensing their scepticism the marriage counsellor assured both of them that online marriage counselling is as effective as in-person sessions. Moreover, it allows them flexibility. And you will be able to stay consistent despite the long distance. 

Bhairav and Veena agreed to continue with online marriage counselling. To their surprise, it was easy, smooth and as effective as in-person counselling. Yes, there were a few technical difficulties, but overall they managed to attend the sessions with ease. 

Online marriage counselling proved to be a blessing for them. It helped them to improve their communication, find forgiveness and rebuild the broken trust. Online marriage counselling gave them a space to process their emotions and thoughts. It empowered them to set healthy boundaries, be more open toward each other and find a profound level of understanding that should be there between a husband and wife. 

Bhairav and Veena’s journey of love is just one of many success stories of online marriage counselling. 

Relationships are the real treasure trove of life. When we enter a marriage, we have many hopes, fears and happiness attached to it. But as the blissful years of marriage pass, and the monotony sets in, it is extremely normal for couples to face issues and challenges. These could include financial tension, trouble with the in-laws, poor communication, extra-marital affairs, parenting differences, long-distance, caste differences and so on. 

Know More About Online Marriage Counselling

In tough times like these, we often wonder if it would be better to end the marriage and free ourselves from misery. But the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

A marriage is like a garden. If you want to grow beautiful flowers then you have to practice patience, consistent effort and even pluck out the unnecessary weeds. Similarly, working on your marriage will require commitment and the willingness to go the extra mile. Couples often shun away from marriage counselling because ‘what will people say?’ What they fail to realise is that marriage is a private affair and their only concern should be each other. 

Bhairav and Veena faced many challenges in their married life. But the simple decision to seek online marriage counselling changed the course of their life and gave their marriage a second chance to bloom.

If you and your partner are struggling with issues, and if you feel that your marriage is falling apart then it is time to take action. Either continue living in an unhappy marriage, leave, or find the strength to sit and work on resolving your issues. The choice is and will always be yours. 

Talk to our expert marriage counsellors today. With 15+ years of experience, 500+ successful cases and required qualifications, our marriage counsellors will help you and your partner resolve your issues and rebuild your marriage on love, trust and understanding. 

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