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I Did Hypnotherapy to Move On from My Ex- Here’s What Happened

I Did Hypnotherapy to Move On from My Ex- Here’s What Happened

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based treatment that empowers a person to make lasting changes in their mindset. These changes facilitate mental resilience, confidence, and a positive attitude toward life.

Hypnotherapy targets many issues including overthinking, anxiety, sadness, bad habits, insomnia, and more. Surprisingly enough, one of our clients suffered from every concern mentioned above, and it all resulted from her bad breakup.

Relationships, marriage, and love can be tricky affairs. At one point, they can make you the happiest person on earth and at the next, you will find yourself drowning in confusion and anxiety.

Something very similar happened with Sarah. She is a ferocious young woman residing in Bandra, Mumbai. Sarah works in an IT firm and has established a stable position there. One might think that Sarah has it all, but she is just a girl grappling with the fear of ending up alone with 6 cats.

Part 1: The Ending

Sarah was set to get married in 2022 with someone she believed was the love of her life. Sadly (or rather, fortunately) our naive little woman found out that her prince charming had been cheating on her.

Sarah was devasted. It was only a week before her wedding, and she was burdened with an unimaginable heartbreak. After a series of intense family discussions, fights, and conflicts, Sarah decided to call off the wedding and end the relationship.

Sarah was in a state of shock for 3 weeks. Post 3 weeks, she succumbed to depression and experienced crazy panic attacks. She was convinced that her end was near. But as they say ‘time heals all wounds‘. Eventually, Sarah gathered her courage and continued with her life.

However, she had become eerily quiet and isolated. The usual bubbly little girl was gone. She felt incapable of experiencing any emotions. She was on autopilot mode. Sarah had lost all enthusiasm and hope toward life.

Part 2: Hypnotherapy

Good and bad days, they both don’t last forever. After a miserable phase, a rainbow was meant to shine in Sarah’s life. And this rainbow came in the form of Hypnotherapy. As suggested by a close friend, Sarah reluctantly agreed to consult the expert hypnotherapy at Holistic Living, Mumbai.

Mr. Sanjeev Mittal, our best hypnotherapist began with a regular counselling session. This session was focused on building rapport and understanding Sarah’s concerns.

“It was the first time I opened up about what happened. It felt like a volcanic eruption. I just blurted everything out. Poor Mr. Mittal, he just listened with so much patience and acceptance” says Sarah.

Hypnotherapy begins from the first session itself. The process of opening up and talking freely about your feelings and thoughts is a huge part of the healing process.

In the next sessions, Mr. Sanjeev Mittal worked on releasing Sarah’s blocked emotions. She had internalized the pain, hurt, anger, and sadness. She never allowed herself to feel these emotions. Naturally, they got stuck in her system and manifested as numbness and desensitization.

Confronting your suppressed emotions and memories is never an easy task. But with the constant and unconditional support of an expert hypnotherapist, the process becomes easier.

The next step in Hypnotherapy was helping Sarah build her self-confidence. At a subconscious level, she believed that her ex cheated on her because somewhere she was not good enough. Mr. Sanjeev Mittal guided Sarah to modify these negative self-beliefs and build a more positive and confident self-image.

Part 3: The Beginning

Hypnotherapy proved to be Sarah’s metamorphosis. By the end of it, she felt like a completely different person. Although her core personality remained the same, she could sense a huge shift in her thought process and attitude toward life.

This article shares a real life experience of Sarah who resorted to Hypnotherapy after suffering from a bad breakup

“I have become fearless. Needless to say, I have moved on from my ex, and not even in a bitter sense. I have genuinely let go of what happened and realized that his actions had nothing to do with me. I am a calmer person now, and I have regained my sense of self. To anybody who is reluctant about therapy, just go for it!” smiles Sarah.

Sarah’s breakup was a major roadblock in her life. It was like a bad dream from which she could not wake up. However, when life hits you so hard, you have no choice but to get up and get going again. Sarah turned her pain into power and today she is grateful for all that happened because it made her a strong, compassionate, and positive woman.

Hypnotherapy was certainly a helpful contributor, but the major credit goes to Sarah. She could have easily succumbed to a miserable life but she CHOSE not to, and that one choice made all the difference.


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