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Dr Ameeta Thacker | Transpersonal Regression Therapy

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    She chose to pursue her medical education through Homoeopathy since she always believed in Holistic approach to Healing. She believes - it’s not ‘the part or the organ of an individual which falls sick’ but it is the Individual on the whole who suffers from sickness. Hence one needs to treat the ‘Individual’ with the Disease and ‘not just the Disease’ in the Individual. Dr. Ameeta Thacker is a HOMOEOPATH, INT.CL.HYPNOTHERAPIST, ACCESS BARS PRACTITIONER THERAPIST , TRAINER & LIFE COACH.
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    Customers has always been interesting experience.
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    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Dr. Ameeta Thacker-Transpersonal Regression Therapy

After more than a decade of practicing classical Homeopathy, she recognized there is more beyond the medicine that heals people. Her journey and life’s experiences inspired her to explore and integrate several forms of alternative therapies.

That is when she got connected to a depth study of mind-body link exploring the journey of the soul and consciousness; came across Integrated clinical hypnotherapy and Access Consciousness.She recognized the impact of ‘soul mind body healing’ and delved deeper into the subject of Integrated clinical Hypnotherapy.

Besides Homoeopathy she started using techniques of Integrated clinical hypnotherapy and Transpersonal regression therapy in a diverse range of clinical conditions.

She also enrolled herself in ‘Access Consciousness’ and its various processes and tools which further gave a cutting edge to the therapy session. She has expanded her repertoire of working with Individuals to Family Therapy and Organizational Alignment through Systemic and Family Constellation modality

Dr. Ameeta first started conducting workshops for students and seekers in 2005.

She has been a Senior Trainer in Int clinical hypnotherapy with the EKAA Institute since 2008.

She has been certified as a Tasso Trainer in Transpersonal Regression therapy by the Tasso Institute (Netherlands) in 2016.

She has also been conducting Access bars classes since 2014; through this form of therapy, she aims to facilitate the spreading of consciousness to enable growth, prosperity ,Couple Issue, sleeping disorder, Family Planning, Marital Harmony, Relationship Issues and harmony for individuals from different walks of life.

She also conducts personalized and group coaching in
–  Weight management – with her Be fit to Be you coaching series
–  Parenting with the Conscious Nurturing series
–  Self-Empowering Teachers & Students with the Conscious Nurturing series
–  Relationship counseling
–  Disease-related issues

She has trained hundreds of individuals from countries such as India, Dubai, Kenya Singapore, the UK, USA, and Australia in Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Regression therapy.

Her students hail from diverse professional backgrounds: psychologists, psychiatrists, dentists, physiotherapists, scientists, lawyers, corporate executives, trainers, bankers, teachers, writers, media professionals, charted accountants, interior designers, entrepreneurs, alternative therapy practitioners, homemakers, and students.

She is a popular Mentor among her participants and offers them Coaching in building their respective careers as well as in hypnotherapy.

She has been a practicing Homoeopath for 20 years.

She has been practicing Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy for 15 years

She incorporates Transpersonal Regression therapy (including Past life, Inner child healing, and foreign energy dynamics), Access Bars, and Access Body process in her daily practice.

She also works with Family therapy Family and Systemic Constellation Work.

Besides the above, she has explored alternative therapies such as Theta healing, Soul healing, Crystal healing, Shamanic healing, Cell regeneration & Psych-K.

She believes that healing modalities are like Magic Wands, wherein the True Magic lies within the Individuals themselves, especially if they have the will to choose and create something better in their life!

An individual is a powerful creator and has the innate knowledge, potential, and ability to create what they truly desire in their life.

The key to healing and creating one’s life in the desired direction lies in gaining the Conscious Awareness of Unconscious Choices, which brings the individual out of the Dis-ease in the body and mind and the Dis-satisfied state of the soul.

Soul Mind Magick is all about holding space and facilitating the Transformative Shift for a willing individual to choose bigger, better, and greater; this enables them to be conscious and create something better at all levels of their existence – a state of physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial wellbeing.

–  A unique blend of techniques and processes with clear and sound application of the basic principles of Mind, Body, and Consciousness

–  Integration of hypnotherapy, regression work, and energy healing with cognitive counseling.

–  A holistic form of healing that includes the soul, mind, body, and consciousness.

–  An incisive exploration of the psyche that enables a laser-focused specific intervention.

–  Client-centric sessions, with Deep Transformative healing in the shortest possible period.

Here are a few things that Dr. Ameeta’s clients have to say about her:

Natural Counsellor, Patient listener, Open-minded, full of optimism and zest for life

A pragmatic approach to life situations is Non-judgemental in her interaction and has clients coming from different walks of life, professionals, media industry, entrepreneurs, homemakers, and from all age groups.

Her clientele is from all over Mumbai and different cities of India as well as from countries likes of USA, UK, Australia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Bulgaria, Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.

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Change your Vibrations! Change Your life!

Stay conscious; be present!

Be the Magic you are!

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