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Mr. Yash Sirohi- Personality Development

  • Credentials:
    2.5 years of experience
  • Testimonials:
    “We enrolled Vanya in the Being A Great Detective course. The course was very exciting and engaging. She took the time to get comfortable and later she couldn’t wait for the session to start. She loved the group activities, she was most excited about them. Thank you for this fresh concept.” -Kshipra Bhardwaj, Vaanya's moth
  • Opening Hours:
    Monday to Friday 9am to 6 pm

Mr. Yash Sirohi – Personality Development-I facilitate fun and interactive sessions for children between the age group of 7 to 12 years old, focusing on nonverbal skills. I also facilitate sessions on parent-child bonding.

Training in nonverbal skills with a niche in body language.

Development of healthy emotions, social skills, confidence building, communication skills, body language, observation skills.

Image consultants are experts who help clients improve their personal or professional image. They assess, improve, and upgrade their clients’ look, conduct, and communication skills to ensure that their image matches their personal or professional objectives. Image consulting is the practise of assisting people in managing their image in order to lead more fulfilling personal, professional, and social lives. It focuses on assisting clients in making the best use of their personal resources, such as their wardrobe, grooming habits, behavioural skills, and communication, in order to achieve their goals in every position they play in life. It is the process of determining how a person’s physical appearance affects their professional image.

Many life coaches and personal brand managers also practice as image consultants. Book an Appointment


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