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  • Brief Description:
    Richa is a Leadership & Life Coach with over two decades of extensive experience in Delivery Management, Account Management, Leadership Development, Programmed Management, and running her own professional practice under the name of MindSpring – Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy.
  • Credentials:
    Raaya won 15 accolades all over the world including screening at Cannes Film Festival and India’s most prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award.
  • Testimonials:
    I know it took me some time to write this, but here it is.I’m grateful for your efforts. Having experienced some calm over the past few days, I think it’d only be fair to give an honest review of my hypnotherapy session so others who have undergone similar trauma can heal. I did not even realize how a dysfunctional family can affect a child. I am 33 now, but have been angry and annoyed and tried to avoid my parents for the fear of having an argument with them. Richa recommended hypnotherapy, and, after years now, I feel my inner self is at peace. The therapy has helped me to acknowledge and leave the baggage behind, instead of letting it affect my present. I have addressed the elephant in the room and wish I’d done it sooner. Please go for it, if you have undergone similar trauma; it was transformational for me.
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    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Ms. Richa Agarwal-Leadership & Business Coach | Corporate Trainer | Counsellor

Richa grew up as a very naughty child. She was often found drenched in mud or on top of a guava or a mango tree or chasing cats and dogs. Since childhood itself, Richa loved to spend time in nature. She had a huge fan following ever since the age of 5. Through her inborn charism and leadership qualities, her friends would follow her in everything. As she grew up further, people even older than her would come to discuss their issues with her and feel better.

At the age of 14, when she came to Delhi, she was bullied at school only because she came from a smaller city like Allahabad. This didn’t last long again because of her energy and leadership qualities. Those who bullied her requested her to be friends with them. Her dream was to become a Software Specialist, which very soon led her to be the only girl in her class at school as well as during graduation. She was not baffled by this and came out with flying colors.

Throughout her career in the software industry, she went ahead on a fast-track achiever mode, traveling all across the globe. Within a short span of 11 years, she was already leading a globally distributed large team and taking care of account management, delivery management, people management as well as program management.

Throughout her career, she found that most people are troubled psychologically, emotionally, or physiologically and therefore unable to achieve what they wanted despite having the necessary skillset and potential. She felt deeply touched by the desire to be able to help them. Richa finally understood her inner calling when she conceived her loving daughter Anvi and decided to quit her job.

Belonging to a very educational family full of Doctors, IAS Officers, and Lawyers, she has always been a very logical, analytical, and ethical person. She, therefore, decided to pursue her calling very professionally. Unlike some self-proclaimed people who claim to be blessed with clairvoyance and healing capabilities, Richa professionally attended the desired courses and then qualified as a professionally certified Leadership & Life Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Richa strikes a fine balance between empowering the leadership qualities of a person and enabling them to reprogram their subconscious mind to achieve all-around success. Richa is also a passionate filmmaker and an awarded screenplay writer. She has written & made 2 short films – Raaya and Khushi, both based on the stories of her actual clients.

Her book “The Soul Game” beautifully explains the journey of a soul through life, death, and after. It is a gist of all her learnings through her journey as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Richa has helped thousands of people realize their dreams by helping them overcome their doubts, limiting beliefs, fears & phobias. She believes that no amount of training is sufficient unless you realize the power of your subconscious mind. Her message to everyone out there is to understand and acknowledge the power that lies deep within ourselves & use it to create a beautiful and fulfilled life.

Business Coach

A personal branding coach will first discuss your business objectives with you. When you tell your consultant about your goals, they can help you create the ideal personal brand approach. If you believe your objectives are unattainable or overly ambitious, you should seek the advice of a personal branding consultant. They can show you how to use your personal brand to achieve almost any future goals you have for your company. Personal branding and image consultancy go hand in hand. Many times such professionals are also qualified life coaches, so that they can provide more personalize support to their clients and create a holistic environment of growth for both the client and their business. Discovery, Self Image, Leadership Skills, Self Discovery, Lower Income, Debt Management, Retirement planning, Unmanaged Expenses, Career Planning  or even just for personal growth and development. Book an Appointment

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