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Dr Sukhmeet K Kalsi – Performance Coach

  • Brief Description:
    Holistic wellness Executive Coach
  • Credentials:
    ICF ACC Life Coach
  • Testimonials:
    Dr.Sukhmeet establishes a connection or creates a comfortable non-judgmental space from the beginning which I believe is very essential for one to open up without any hesitation.She goes out of her way to check on you even when you don’t have a session scheduled soon.She is an excellent listener,puts you at ease and tries to get to the root cause of where your feelings are stemming from and without it seeming like a questionnaire .Her attitude towards life will definitely push one to get better and to want to heal oneself.I’ve visited a psychiatrist before but visiting her has been very different.In my first session with her,she was patient enough to listen to me and most importantly validated my feelings but also drove the sense of wanting to heal myself within me.Some things/feelings were understood even without having to say/express it.In my second session with her,she took the time out inspite of having a busy day and she literally makes you feel loved! I would recommend anyone who is feeling miserable in life to see her and start healing and as she says,it can only happen when you want it.:)
  • Opening Hours:
    "8am-10:30a.m Tuesdays And Friday 5:30pm -8pm on all days-Mon-Fri Saturday 11am -5pm "

Dr Sukhmeet K Kalsi is a mind crafting coach, a Consultant Homoeopath, Counselling Psychologist, NLP Master Practitioner, Gestalt therapist, ICF certified ACC Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence practitioner and Coach, Goal Setting Coach, Transactional Analysis practitioner Coaching highest hierarchy in Corporates, Parents and Adolescents, helping people change their mindsets and Redesign their lives.

Core strength lies in understanding the behavioural dimensions of work and enhancing people’s effectiveness, thereby helping them unleash their potentials and moving towards excellence

A modern mindfulness teacher is a specifically trained facilitator who creates a safe space for people to be present, contemplate, and connect with themselves and others. They do so to teach the skill of paying attention to present-moment events without passing judgement on thoughts, feelings, or sensations. A mindfulness teacher equips students with the skills they need to make the world a safer place for themselves. The goal of a mindfulness instructor is to provide students with tools that help them be more present and reflect on themselves. Character development, self-study, physical wellness, and insight are all goals.

A mindfulness teacher’s role is not to fix people’s problems, coach, consult, or minister. It is also not their responsibility to offer medical advice or conduct psychotherapy… however, many qualified psychologists, counsellors, therapists and life coaches also practice mindfulness meditation, giving them wider expertise to help their clients with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, mood swings, phobias, communication and social issues Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Low Of Motivation ,Emotional Blockage, Worry Management, Low Self Esteem, Loneliness, Low Performance, Workplace Stress, Sleeping Disorder, Lower Self Esteem, Low Concentration, trauma and even weight loss, among other physical issues such as chronic pain or migraines. Self Image, Leadership Skills, Self Discovery, Lower Income, Debt Management, Retirement planning, Unmanaged Expenses, Career Planning  or even just for personal growth and development.  Book an Appointment

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