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    Payal's life coaching is to become more mindful to be happy within, to raise happy kids & thus make Happy families. It's to make a better version of oneself with every passing day so we can raise a great generation!!
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    Payal Khurana:(Life Coach | Parenting expert) situated in Ahmadabad. She specializes in Garbh Sanskar as an enabler for the mental and physical development of the baby.
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    Certified Parenting Coach
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    Helping clients overcome their personal & social challenges for a balanced and happy life.
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    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Payal Khurana:(Life Coach | Parenting expert)

If women are provided with expert guidance during pregnancy and the early years of their children, it will have an immense impact on society,” says Ayurvedic physician Dr. Balaji Tambe, the man behind the famous book Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar.

Every parent wants the best for their child. A healthy pregnancy not only ensures a baby’s health in the womb but after birth, too. The practice of Garbh Sanskar has gained popularity as an enabler for the mental and physical development of the baby. It has been documented as the activity of the mother during pregnancy in the form of prayer (good rational thoughts), positive emotion, conversation with the fetus (talk), or expressing feeling (touch) is not only recognized by the unborn baby but it has positive effects on physical and mental health. Thus, such mental and physical activity performed by parents to create a positive environment and obtain the growth of the baby is called Garbh Sanskar.

A Garbh Sanskar is an intentional activity that helps to develop an intuitive connection with the unborn baby. It increases communication and bonding with the baby, it can transmit positive thoughts, love, and emotions to the fetus, to increase the likely hood of a calm, happier, and healthier baby. We know the famous stories of Abhimanyu in Mahabharat, Baalbaki Prahalad, Sivaji, etc. are good examples of Garbh Sanskar.

It is traditionally believed that a child’s mental and behavioral development starts as soon as he is conceived. His personality begins to take shape in the womb, and this can be influenced by the mother’s state of mind during pregnancy. This knowledge can be traced back to ancient scriptures and is included in the Ayurveda.

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