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Ms. Brinda Shah | Life Coach

  • About Me:
    Brinda Shah is a Certified Soft-skills Trainer, Life Skills Coach & Blogger based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Her journey began in 2017, as her studies were on the verge of completion. In spite of being a Chartered Accountant, intuition, emotions & soul interested her more instead of logic, numbers & financial statements.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide the following services: Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Spiritual Intelligence, Corporate Training.
  • Credentials:
    Certified Soft-skills Trainer, Life Skills Coach
  • Testimonials:
    1. she is a wonderful soul I have ever meet. if I talk about her unique concept of "University of wild" it is really amazing. The way she connects nature with a human is very unique and effective for understanding and improving ourselves. it helps us to see our inner self, our potentials, understand our limitations and overcome it, build good habits to improve our lives, and much more. personally, as I am connected with her as a friend, I feel it every time that whenever we meet she improve herself every moment and you can FEEL that too while talking to her. whenever I got some confusion in my life regarding taking any decisions, she explains the fundamentals so simply and easily after that you would feel very light and relax. it is so satisfying. I would like to thank Brinda for always be there to help me whenever I needed it. 2. Good Motivational Speaker.. Identified my strong and week points during her sessions in Patiala. Never miss if ever get the chance again. Your lessons will always be helpful for personal and professional life.. thanks for your time with us in Patiala. 3. #positivity # empathy #generosity
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    11.00 Am To 2.00 Pm & 4.00 Pm To 7.00Pm On Weekdays, & Weekends

Ms. Brinda Shah: Life Coach

Corporate Training –
Soft skills, including communication, curiosity, and critical thinking are as important as technical skills.

Surprisingly, 89% of those same executives reported that they have a difficult time finding hires with soft skills. At the root of this problem lies the fact that communication, curiosity, and critical thinking are harder to measure than technical skills.

However, the reliving solution to the whole issue is that all these skills can be developed by providing training and taking follow-ups. So, what are the topmost skills that are required to make an employee highly efficient?
In the LinkedIn study, the 10 most in-demand soft skills were:
• Communication.
• Organization.
• Teamwork.
• Punctuality.
• Critical thinking.
• Social skills.
• Creativity.
• Interpersonal communication.
• Adaptability.
• Friendly personality
Based on the latest surveys and requirements of the industry, we can provide you with training & workshops which will facilitate the development of required soft skills within your employees.

All you need to do is, get in touch and let us know your industry, your specific requirements and we’ll share with you the suitable workshop/training which will quickly bring a change in your employees’ mindset and actions.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” Albert Einstein Academic knowledge plays its own role, and the knowledge to deal with oneself and others also has its own importance. In the 21st century, having a high IQ is just not enough. Along with high IQ, one also needs to develop their EQ (Emotional Quotient) & (SQ) Social Quotient.

To make this process easier and fun, we provide workshops, seminars & training to enhance their quotient levels in different areas and make sure they go ahead in their life.

Strongly agreeing with what Albert Einstein said, the training sessions we design are focused on enhancing the thinking capacity of the participants.
• Public Speaking
• Decision-Making, Problem-Solving & Critical Thinking
• Dealing with Peer Pressure & Bullying
• Enhancing the Creativity within
• Communication & Listening Skill
• Unleashing the inner power within
• Learning to “Be Yourself”
• Inter-Personal & Intra-Personal Relationships
• Self-Awareness
• Resilience Building
• Accepting self & others
• Optimum Time Utilization techniques
• The motivation that lasts long!

A life coach is a type of wellness expert who assists people in making progress in their lives so that they might achieve greater happiness. Clients work with life coaches to improve their relationships, jobs, and daily lives. Life coaches may assist you in defining your objectives, identifying the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving them, and devising solutions to overcome each one. Life coaches tailor these tactics to your specific abilities and strengths. Life coaches provide the assistance you need to create long-term transformation by assisting you in maximizing your talents. Life coaching can be the solution to issues Lack Of Growth, Low Self Confidence, Lack Of Motivation, Fear Of Public Speaking, Work Life Balance, Low Performance  Book an Appointment



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