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Certified Life Coach, Parenting Coach

  • About Me:
    I've been working with people in India, UK, and other countries for more than 13 years now. I've coached and trained individuals in groups and 1:1 to strengthen personal and professional relationships and bring fulfillment in life.
  • Testimonials:
    Coaching with Saloni has been a life transforming experience for me. It helped me immensely to realise the influence that I had in each situation & empowered me to create small steps towards larger goals. I was able to talk through challenges, step back and see them from a different perspective. She assisted me to get clarity about what exactly I wanted and helped me execute. I recommend coaching for anyone looking to take steps towards living their ultimate dreams.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday
  • Credentials:
    Master Practitioner in NLP with Richard Bandler (Society of NLP).

Dr. Saloni Singh:(Certified Life Coach, Parenting Coach) I am a certified life coach, parenting coach and help people to live a wonderful life.

Are you wondering what a life coach is? And what life coaching can do for you?

Life Coaching is an empowering process (1:1 or in group) with your coach, through which you can learn to access your wisdom, emotional intelligence and apply it in all areas of your life.

Your life coach is a nonjudgmental friend, who believes in you and your capabilities 100%.

A life coach is a guide, a GPS (navigation system) who helps you find the right path and holds you accountable to take actions in alignment of your real goals and dreams.

I like to define my service as developing mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and achieve what you really want…whatever your goal may be…get rid of anxiety & stress, gain confidence & self-belief, happiness & harmony in relationships, fulfilment in personal and professional life, health or positive body image or find meaning and purpose in life.

I’ve been enjoying my passion in field of personal growth, for last 10 years now.

I’ve previous experience of working in medicine, National health services UK (as a Gynaecologist for few yrs) before I pursued my calling to work in field of mind, body & soul.

I’ve been working with a wide clientele varying from executives, businessmen, women to housewives; young people to corporate groups in UK, US and India.

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