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Ruchi Phool | Yoga and Wellness Coach

  • About Me:
    Ruchi is a Wellness Coach, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist. Based out of New Delhi, India she conducts Yoga sessions, Holistic therapy, Workshops, Retreats and Events across the globe. Her services are known under the umbrella of Holistic Wellness with Aikya. These are an amalgamation of Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Diet & Nutrition and Lifestyle practices.
  • Brief Description:
    Ruchi Phool (Yoga and Wellness Coach ) is an Experienced Yoga instructor, Holistic Therapist, Meditation, and Mindfulness Facilitator is based out of New Delhi India.
  • Credentials:
    Ruchi is certified from SVYASA, Heartfulness Yoga, All India Nature Cure Federation, Medical Yoga, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and is CYAI Internationally Certified. She is pursuing MSc(Yoga Therapy) from SVYASA. She has been Yoga Therapy Teacher at the AyurYoga Eco Ashram (Mysore), Yoga Therapy advisor to 9zest and HealthUp, volunteer trainer with Heartfulness and is in the support team of MindSpecialists.
  • Testimonials:
    Your consultation really helped me. I'm able to sleep and that too without music! Now my sleep is good...if ever sometime I'm unable to complete my sleep at night, I sleep in the afternoons so I'm really good...Thank you Aparna Mathur, Pune, India PRIVATE YOGA Although I live in London, the pandemic has taught us that zoom can bring us into the same room despite time and distance. I love my yoga shot with Ruchi every week. I've been suffering from Sciatica related pain for a couple of years now, and Ruchi's helped me to focus on my posture, my breathing. Each week she designs exercises which have really helped to strengthen my body. I make sure to practice what I've learnt as well during the week. After three months I'm feeling much stronger. I really look forward to me yoga hour with Ruchi every week. Sherry Malik Adults and Children Social Worker, Change and Transformation Professional Then when corona was detected, I couldn’t do anything for next 10 days. Mentally and physically these damn spikes exhaust you. But gradually my yogini friend Ruchi Phool reached out and we practised gentle exercises. Again this helped me so much- yog nidra and opening of the chest both. I could feel drop by drop, light filtering into my lungs. Vinita Sethi CORPORATE WELLNESS Well done Ruchi, this was a moment to remember - Alain Sanchez, EMEA CISO Fortinet Your discussion in ElirteCISOs webinar was excellent. All the best. - Manikant R Singh, VP CISO DMI Finance Amazing session Ruchi. - Vikas Arora, Sr. VP Global IT & Security ITWP I second Vikas. Great session. - Alok Malik, VP IT Security GlobalLogic - With EliteCISOs Had a Great workshop on Stress Management. The employees really enjoyed the engaging and informative workshop. Ruchi is a great trainer. Looking forward for more sessions in future. - Harsh Sinha, Asst. Mgr. Compensation & Benefits, DCM Shriram Ltd. GROUP YOGA I loved the intensity and planning that went behind the sessions and flow of the sequence. Ruchi is very patient teacher, explained everything well and never put anyone in uncomfortable position by pointing or overcorrection. - Shalini Chablani, Occupational Therapist Highly recommended yoga sessions and superb trainer! - Parminder Bajaj Today I am feeling so good after morning session. I never had that happiness feeling from so long. I feel like I am blessed child of God.. Thanks @Ruchi.. - Leena Khera Absolutely Fantastic! - Juni Mitra It has been amazing, loved all the sessions. It was a complete program for all kind of yoga practice. Learned and benefitted a lot. I felt more positive, more light and more happy during these days. Grateful much. - Priyanka Upreti I looked forward to both the morning and evening sessions. It gave a structure to my day. The sessions were focused and impactful. They have really helped me improve my yoga practice. - Kapil Mandawewala
  • Opening Hours:
    07:00 AM -06:00 PM IST -Monday-Saturday

Ruchi Phool : Yoga & Wellness Coach

Yoga & Wellness Coach Ruchi is an expert Yoga instructor, Holistic Therapist, Meditation & Mindfulness Facilitator, Wellness Coach, committed to bringing 360 degrees of integrative holistic wellness for everyone. Based out of New Delhi, India she conducts Yoga sessions, Holistic Therapy, Workshops, Retreats, and Events across the globe. Her services are now under the umbrella of Holistic Wellness with Aikya.

Ruchi was felicitated with the “Exceptional Women of Excellence” award by The Women’s Economic Forum. She has been a speaker at International and National level forums, advisor, and health-based program developer for organizations such as 9Zest and Mind Specialists. She attributes her zeal to her decade-long practice of Heartfulness Meditation and Wellness Coaching.

After about a decade in IT, working across continents, Ruchi discovered yoga and allied healing methods were her callings. Her aim is to use traditional sciences in alliance with modern techniques and medical research, to empower all to remain happy, healthy and to help bring relief from modern-day health and lifestyle disorders. She believes life is not about living out of the 9 to 5 zone but to be experienced every moment deeply through ones soul, to be lived passionately with purpose. She is committed to 360 degrees integrative holistic wellness for everyone. yoga and meditation, Dull skin, High Cholestrol,High Sugar, Lack Of Stamina, Lower Immunity, Weight gain, Weight Gain, Yoga and Meditation

Her various wellness coaching includes:

An integrated program of Asana Abhyas, Pranayama, and Meditation for complete wellbeing, practice in groups.

An integrated program of Asana Abhyas, Pranayama and Meditation for complete wellbeing, practice is individual. Program/sessions are bespoke as per your individual health conditions, needs and goals.

Holistic therapies are now recommended by leading scientists and health professionals. Holistic Wellness with Aikya endeavors to use the best alternative health practices for your preventive and curative health and wellbeing. About Holistic Therapy
• It can be used for a range of problems – Physical ailments, Mental conditions, Emotional or Behavioral issues. Holistic therapy is most effective for Non-Communicable Disorders, also called lifestyle disorders.
• Holistic therapy uses a combination of yogic techniques, naturopathy, acupressure, lifestyle fixes, and other non-intrusive, non-medicinal approaches to bring complete wellness to you.

Are you transitioning or preparing to transition into a new phase of life such as a new job, new career, marriage, children, entrepreneurship or moving to a new location?
Do you want to move to the next level of your life or build a new life?

You need a SOLID foundation to be able to build on. Design a NEW LIFE with Wellness Coach Ruchi.




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