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The Temperament Workshop – Decode The Mystery of Foundation of our Behaviour

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    3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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    There is no other influence in our life more powerful than our temperament. Having said that, our Inborn Temperament has the most powerful influence on our relationships, career satisfaction, and happiness factor an emotional well-being. Join this workshop to Decode The Mystery of Foundation of our Behavior. Register NOW to understand how we are hardwired from birth to behave in a certain way and how our TEMPERAMENT affects almost everything we do in our lives!
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    “A person who has a detailed knowledge bank in his field and is one of the major people responsible for the confidence I extract from myself. An excellent coach on Life and personal issues with innovative and resulting methods.”
  • About Me:
    Your Workshop Facilitator, Mr. Mahesh Sharma, Founder & Chief Mentor of Know Your True Self® Research Academy, is a Personal Performance Coach, Temperament Expert, EFT practitioner for more than a decade and has been researching in the fields of human behavior, emotions and energy psychology. He is a passionate humanist and nature enthusiast. He is among the pioneer promoters of emotional health and well-being in the country. He has been in the field of human inherent behavior for last more than two decades and conducted more than 200 physical and virtual workshop on the subject and uses it as his one of the primary tools in his personal coaching sessions.

Knowing and understanding the self is the first step towards knowing and understanding the world around us.

Register NOW to understand how we are hardwired from birth to behave in a certain way and how our temperament affects almost everything we do in our lives!

What are the benefits of the workshop?

  1. Know The invisible factors of our innate nature which impact almost every aspect of our life – relationships to career choices, from discovering and the following a passion to happiness factor.
  2. Understand The difference of personality and temperament and its impact on relationships.
  3. Understand our inborn temperamental blends and our unique inborn behavioural characteristics.
  4. Identify our true strengths and areas to work upon
  5. Get suggestions to improve upon your weak areas and enhance your inborn strengths.
  6. Get a different perspective on the base of conflicts and maintaining and developing deep relationships with self.
  7. Get practical tips on how to reclaim your relationships with those who matter to you – your spouse, kids, colleagues, customers, bosses, partners, and peers.
  8. Understand deeply how to get along with those who are different than you – at work, at home and as a human being.
  9. Get the template to deal effectively with difficult personalities at home, work, and in society.
  10. Have a valuable different perspective to see the world around and to create a best version of ourselves.

The Workshop Participants will receive the following Add-on Benefits:

  1. One exclusive one-to-one session between 10-15 days of the workshop.
  2. WhatsApp support for the 30 days.
  3. Fortnightly Group Temperament session.
  4. One year’s membership of Know Your True Self® Research Academy.
  5. On-demand personal coaching sessions at discounted prices.
  6. Email support for sharing and articulating those experiences in detail provides depth in the learning.

Here is what you will learn in this 2 day workshop –


  • Gaining an understanding of human inherent nature called Temperaments.
  • Going deep into the temperaments and their strong influence on what, why and how we do something.
  • Know the history and work behind human temperament and its importance in almost all areas of our lives.
  • The history and work on temperaments
  • The characteristics, strengths and weaknesses or our inborn temperament
  • Personal profiling of each participant
  • Home assignment and Q&A session


  • Decoding the personal profiling & Q&A if any on personal profiling
  • Going ahead with the suggestions to improve the weak areas and enhance the strengths.
  • Exclusive session on how to get along with those who are different then us
  • Exclusive discussion on the topics of getting along and dealing with difficult personalities at work and at home.
  • Start of the process of 30 days from the end of day 2
  • Open Q&A session.


7 Seven Add On Benefits

a. One 1-on-1 session of 30 minutes, FREE within 20 days of attending the workshop.

b. 30 days WhatsApp support

c. Certification of participation

d. Email support for sharing experiences.

e. FREE group session entry

f. FREE repeating of the workshop within 30 days

g. Special discounts for my other workshops and One-to- One coaching


Who can benefit from this workshop?

Parents, Couples, Students, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Home-makers and Teenagers


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Event date 10/06/2022
Total Cost Rs. 2999

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