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Ms. Anubha Gupta | Tarot Reader

  • About Me:
    Anubha Gupta Born and Brought Up In New Delhi (India) In A Simple Middle-Class Family. Anubhav Gupta is a renowned Tarot Consultant, Life & Motivational Coach, known for her Positivity, Smile, and Cohesion. A noted public figure, Anubhav is also an Indian Author and Columnist who writes for self-help, career development, inner peace, nurture relationships, etc.
  • Brief Description:
    Services provided by Ms Anubha are : Tarot Card Reading Motivatioal Life Coaching, Flower Petal Reading, Coffee Cup Reading, Tea Leaf Reading, Aura Reading, Relationship Expert, Numerology, Feng Shui, Author, Wine Reading and Signature Reading.
  • Credentials:
    Tarot Reader, Certified Life coach
  • Testimonials:
    1. Anubha it was a delight reading your book. Hope to see you writing many books. 2. Tarot reading is on such distinguished factor possessed by really few people and anubha is one such personality in the capital. 3. The insight which she comes forward with is so precise and so convincing. One should really not think twice before visiting her.
  • Opening Hours:
    9.00 Am To 12.00 Pm & 4.00 Pm To 7.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends - Not Working

Ms. Anubha Gupta: Tarot Reader & Healer

Ms Anubha initiated the profession of Tarot Card Reading with a feeling of getting connected with her intuitions & predictions to enhance her knowledge in the same direction. This self-help and motivating book, in simple language, draws out 9 MANTRAS that will help you to find happiness within yourself. It unveils the secret to attain happiness through accepting your circumstances and improving your future. The hundred-plus solutions confront the reader with some of the most complex, yet day-to-day situations they might face in life.

While, the book also reveals fabulous and easy-to-do techniques to handle with a smile, overcome anger problems, gain inner peace, nurture relationships, and a lot more! The separate sections of the book can be read and imbibed individually depending on one’s needs.

Each section is written in simple and eloquent language, some of the text does turn into self-Question and Answer that the reader will remember for a long time. Most readers would be able to easily relate to the book and it’s a must-read for anyone wishing to live a happy and fulfilling life.

A seasoned and highly regarded Life Coach, Relationship Expert, and Renowned ‘Tarot Consultant’ Ms. Anubha Gupta has spent over a decade sharing her life experiences and inspirational insights at prestigious platforms. She acknowledges life as a gift of humankind and believes that Happiness should be spread all around through positive thoughts. Her Mantra of life is: Acknowledge Your Past, Live Your Present and Create Your Future… BE HAPPY…!!

Tarot card reading is another form of predicting the future that is becoming increasingly popular. Tarot card readers are skilled individuals who read and interpret client’s past, present and future prospects and advise them on their next steps in life. Book an Appointment



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