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    According to Vishnu Purana, Lakshmi is the daughter of Bhrigu and Khyati and not Goddess Durga. She resided in Swarga with the other Goddesses. Durvasa cursed her and forced her to leave Swarga and settle in Kheersagar. She rose up during the churning of the ocean, Samudra Manthan between the Devas and Asuras.
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    I Have An Experience Of 10 Years In Tarot Reading
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    My customer are very satisfied from my practice
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    12.00 - 3.00 Weekdays

Pritika Sharma is a tarot reader. Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards. Tarot cards are a form of divination, which literally means working with the divine, or your higher self, which is the ultimate purpose of tarot cards, just like yoga. We’ve broken down everything you need to know about them, from types of decks to what each card represents.



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