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Ms. Kriti Khanna | Tarot Card Reader

  • About Me:
    Kriti Khanna is a famous Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer and Occultist. She is known for her ability to connect with an individual to understand their feelings & environment which helps selecting the right combination of energy and healing practices for their betterment. She has more than a decade of experience supported by formal training in a number of practices, making her a top choice for people looking for a renowned practitioner.
  • Brief Description:
    Tarot Card Reading is usually done from a deck of Cards where each Tarot Card has its own meaning. Additionally, there are multitude of card placements and card orientations, called ‘Spreads’, which are used to give deeper understanding of the subject and the environment.
  • Credentials:
    Tarot Card Reader & Spiritual Healer
  • Testimonials:
    1. It was a soul stirring session with kriti. It felt she knew me for ages. She was patient, wise, had good understanding. My reading was not only knowing the what but she told me the ' why ' so it was complete session leaving no doubt only contentment. Recommend you to visit her once at least, bet u agree with me 100%...Thanks Kriti. truly grateful. 2. She is an angel in disguise. Gentle, understanding and gives extremely practical advice. She not only has a way with helping you treat every situation optimiscally and calmly, she is also a wonderful healer. ‘Would definitely recommend her. 3. Amazing service. She is super accurate and positive. I was looking for a tarot reader and a counselor who can help me choose better things in life. And boom here comes Kriti with amazing skills. She is also humble and modest. Rates are also reasonable. Worth the time and worth the fee. I would recommend her forever. 4. One of the best tarot readers I have ever met. Her readings are excellent. She not only reads the tarot cards, but thoroughly analyses your situation and guides you accordingly. She helped me through the rough times that I was going through. Also, she provides some very simple and easy but really affective spiritual exercises. I would highly recommend to have a personal reading with her.
  • Opening Hours:
    1.00 Pm To 3.00 Pm & 6.00 Pm To 9.00 Pm On Monday To Saturday, Sunday - Not Working

Ms. Kriti Khanna: Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Card Reading is used as a tool to foresee and foretell the future ahead, in conjunction with the understanding of the past and an awareness of the environment. It helps in getting into the right direction, to make the necessary changes for a better future, or to make the right decisions given a circumstance.

Many times what we want vs what destiny holds for us is different. Tarot helps us to understand it better and make the right decision for the overall well-being of everyone involved. You can simply say Tarot helps as a Guideline to your future. It is a tool of Divination, it is sacred and is used to help mankind to bring in the Divine Plan and Resolve a lot of Karmas that might help to live a better and stress-free life.

A lot of times people ask How Can Tarot help in predicting the future. Tarot Card is meticulously designed and the pictures drawn on the card is showing a certain situation, with the combination of cards helps the seer to understand your situation and what can the future hold. Each card has an individual meaning which is interpreted based on the type of ‘Spread’, the position of the card, the environment, and the implication of the other cards within the spread.

For Example, the card displayed here is ‘The World’ and it depicts the situation of victory with a balance of the masculine and the feminine energy.  It shows a positive moment ahead, it also denotes completion.

Tarot card reading is an age old art of predicting the future as well as interpreting the past using a deck known as tarot cards as the medium for this information. It is a type of cartomancy in which practitioners supposedly use tarot cards to acquire insight into the past, present, or future. They come up with a question and then use cards to interpret it. 

Expert Tarot Card Readers are trained professionals who have learned the art of tarot in-depth – how to read and interpret the cards, as well as how to further advise their clients.

Some tarot card readers are also trained in the art of numerology and crystal ball gazing – both of which are other methods to dive into the past, present and future. Book an Appointment



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