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Our journey began in 2014 when Sonika, the Grand Reiki master commenced the quest to spirituality and meditation. Experiencing extremely different situations in personal & professional life, she struggled ways to survive through it and understood the gap of mankind issues today and sources to be recovered. On this journey of attaining enlightenment, Sonika discovered healing self and others. She decided to heal everyone around and found the purpose to her life in it. She has healed people mentally and physically who have experienced miraculous changes in their lives and desires to continue this in this lifetime. Apart from Reiki, tarot and crystal healing, Sonika has a great passion for painting and cooking and she encourages vegan diet.

Teaches about reiki
The art of reiki is not taught but transferred to the learner in the session. It is passed during an ‘attunement’ by the reiki master and allows the student to get the hold of the ‘life force energy’ to improve one’s health & well being.
*Levels of reiki
1. reiki first degree
2. reiki second degree
3. reiki master healer(reiki 3A)
4. reiki Master Teacher (reiki 3B)
5. reiki grand master


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