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Ms. Snehal Singh | Right To Abundance Coach

  • About Me:
    I have been described as the GPS of my clients’ dreams/goals/desires. When I meet my clients, I discover their destination & all the routes that they can take to reach their goals and connect the dots immediately to provide a custom solution. I have coached more than 30 aspiring writers to complete their books, I have mentored 15 coaches to not only develop & grow their business but shift their mindset to close more business. My passion is helping aspiring authors and coaches reach their goals faster and easier than they ever imagined. I am also a best-selling author & speaker.
  • Credentials:
    Inspirational Speaker, 8x Best Selling Author, Right To Abundance Coach, Writer’s Coach and a Publisher
  • Testimonials:
    People Said Sessions with Snehal have been of great help. They have helped me achieve my goals in terms of my weight loss, my anger and finding peace and many more. I have always been a working women and after I quit my last job I was really irritated with everyone and my anger grew day by day. Things were just getting worse however when I got in touch with Snehal and my sessions began I started realizing that I am damaging a lot of love n loosing the loved ones and I want to do something about it. I now think and see positive side everything instead of saying I cant do .. I have changed it to – I can do it… Hanan Goswami, Housewife If you are looking find yourself, establish yourself as a coach and most importantly create abundance around you; look no further. Snehal can gently invite you to sit on a magical carpet on which you explore everything you have dreamt of doing. She has a soulful way of making you believe in yourself and rediscover your ‘Can-do” attitude. Snehal has created a tremendous impact for me. Truly been a coach to me - understanding the uniqueness and giving me abundant support. Every single session for the RTA has been an eye opener. She is such a giving person who never holds back any information or experience. Her RTA is an experience par excellence. Her personal involvement in each participant ensures success. I will definitely recommend, anyone looking to re-establish and start their coaching business to participate in her Right to Abundance course. Madhuri Kale, Singapore Snehal has been an integral part of the Tanishq training team for quite a long time and it was a wonderful experience learning from her. She has imparted training through various modules starting from Grooming, etiquette, customer handling, grievance resolutions and most importantly product knowledge to more than 1000 employees of the region. She has extensively travelled across the country to impart trainings to our teams here and also she's been a people's favourite because of her friendly and helping nature. As a person also- she has been very supportive and have extended out of the way support to all the team members in imparting knowledge and training in the best possible manner. It was really an great experience working with her.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Friday

Ms. Snehal Singh – Right To Abundance Coach

My Name is Snehal, I am here to empower you to go beyond your fears, be an upriser and embrace self.

I am an Inspirational Speaker, 8x Best Selling Author, Right To Abundance Coach, Writer’s Coach and a Publisher – dedicated to helping you create a life you can truly be joyful about, through the power of thoughts, mindset and taking action.


Humble beginnings-
I was born in India, raised in a beautiful city – Pune. Growing up in a one-room home in India and struggling to just have 3 meals a day was overwhelming. I did not have the same longing that most girls like me did — to feel chosen, to be seen, and to be loved. I did not have the time for it. And like many girls back then (and even today), I knew little about giving those things to myself.

Early struggles-
At the age of 17, I started working – just to earn enough to help me go to junior college. It didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted more off life. While societal norms were something that I struggled with even as a child, growing up most of my challenges started right at home. I have been very close to getting raped, killed and publicly humiliated. What bothered me more was not how society treated me for that, but how my family members and relatives turned a blind eye towards it and told me – “You are a girl. Don’t make an issue out of this. Keep quiet. This happens. You are a Girl.” I was not happy with being content at living a life below the poverty line and have such a one-track mindset. Having parents who were absolutely content with it, made it difficult for me. I am the black sheep of my family. So, I found an easy way out – I decided to start earning and living on my own. I earned a better livelihood then parents and had a little better home, less fights and peaceful nights.

In this process of desire to earn more sooner, I lost my touch with education. I did not complete my graduation/degree. This started being a big problem soon – as now I wanted more of life – I wanted promotions, I wanted better salary and every time I hit a dead end – unqualified. Making that the next mission – I completed my graduation by 2010. Honestly, even now things weren’t changing dramatically.

The Turning point-
I knew something is missing. I knew I am not doing something right and this is the time when I slipped into self-doubt. I looked down on myself. I questioned my existence. While I was getting paid well, I had lots of friends and it was the best part of my life – something felt off. I was successful in my eyes but not happy. I couldn’t take it more – and Jan 11, 2011 I decided to put an end to this. I quit a good job. I had no idea what I was going to do next.

The next 3 months gave me the real taste of life and I discovered the Magic Mantra – The Secret. I realized that my life is an exact replica of my thoughts, wishes and wants.

All I had to do is realign my beliefs and thoughts to the life I wanted to create.

Despite the circumstances, my newfound freedom felt so incredibly liberating.

I became a student of metaphysics and known of the law of attraction. Determined to radically change my narrative for the better, I began to actively use my thoughts, emotions, and intentions to attract and create positive experiences. The journey of letting go of the scars, healing and learning to love self has been long, tedious and painful – but, absolutely worth it.

Soon, the ability to cultivate the feeling of abundance became a second muscle, even if I was living on paycheck to paycheck. I trusted that if I could hold space for amazing things to manifest into my life, profoundly deep changes would begin to unfold. I married the love of my life.

I live in the land of dreams – The United States of America. I have clients over 12 different countries and most of all I am in a happy space.

I understand that the richest things in life aren’t the things money can buy.

The things that make you wealthy are having love in your heart, trusting in God, living a life of gratitude, always doing the right thing, and having the willpower and confidence never to give up no matter what life throws at you.

If you’re serious about manifesting your desires as I am about helping you make them happen — I’d love to have you part of my online tribe, so that I can provide you with as many resources as possible.

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