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Tarot Reader

Legend has it that when the universal all knowing Buddha was born, his mother saw a white elephant in her dreams and knew instantly that the conqueror of the self will be born. With that all in the small kingdom became calm and tranquil.

Shivangi’s birth also saw all in her family experience bliss and serenity. Like a placid lake her immediate surroundings became more relaxed and peaceful and mental equipoise became a quintessential element. Her intellect as a fortune teller was on display even as a child and masters that came in contact with her hailed her as the prodigy that will reach the echelon of divination and become a legendary icon.

By the age of 16 she was practicing various types of readings professionally and the word soon spread about the youngest reader cum healer that possessed powers unperceivable by the senses. Once she started reading for all that consulted her, she was quick to realize that the number of people that required her divine assistance were large and it was humanly not possible to help everyone in person.

Hence she devised a unique medium for reading so that she could benefit one and all. She became a pioneer in reading and healing via the phone and internet about a decade ago. This allowed her clients to be in any place in the world and still receive the answers that they were seeking. This was also economical and equally effective as in person readings. Today majority of her clients consult her via these modes, thus allowing them to be anywhere in the world and still getting reliable answers on which they can comfortably rely upon.

Shivangi apart from readings like tarot, astrology, runes, coffee/tea cup etc is also well renowned for her expertise in healing. This requires skills that not even professional readers can possess, let alone master. It requires Shivangi to use her positive energy from a distance and assist the person in need. For this she manufactures various products ranging from soaps, herbs, salts etc. To collect the raw material for these products she travels extensively to ensure her clients receive the best and are healed quickly from their mental, physical or emotional traumas.

Apart from healing she has also introduced quality runes reading to India and people now use this form extensively to get their future deciphered due to its accuracy and potent reliability. Her aura is visible the moment one consults her and people are in awe of her due to her vast knowledge at such a young age.

She has conducted over 4000 readings and healing sessions over the last decade which is a feat that is difficult to match. This alone suffices to prove her reliability and phenomenal ability as an expert fortune teller.


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