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Dr. Rajsinh Sawant | Sex therapist

  • About Me:
    Dr.Rajsinh Sawant is Consulting Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He is one of the best sexologists in Kolhapur as well as South Maharashtra & has an experience of 17 years in the field of Sexology. He is Certified Sex Therapist, Sex Educator and Counselor.
  • Brief Description:
    We provide top service in the following categories: Sex Therapy and Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Male Sexual Problems, Female Sexual Problems.
  • Credentials:
    17 years experience
  • Testimonials:
    1) I was unable to maintain the erection long and have to keep reviving the erection between the duration of sex but now after the treatment I am very happy and my wife is also satisfied with me. Thanks Dr. Sawant, God bless you. 2) I had a severe problem of Premature Ejaculation but now we are enjoying our life. Thanks Dr. Rajsinh Sawant. 3) Thanks Dr. Sawant for helping me to come out problem of Phimosis.
  • Opening Hours:
    9.00 am to 3.00 pm on Weekdays and Weekends

Dr Rajsinh Sawant | Sex Therapist

Dr Rajsinh Sawant is a super-specialist in the field of sexology & sexual health. He is very much interested in creating awareness about sexual health in Indian Society. He continuously participates in activities regarding the development of sexology and mental health that are organized by various organizations, societies and institutes of Reproductive and Sexual Health. His motto is ‘Enjoyable and appreciable sexual and mental health for everyone.’ According to him ‘Sexercise’ is a must for everyone to attain positive sexual and mental health.

He provides confidential patient care, education and research to improve sexual health through the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions or diseases that involve sexual function in both men and women.

He provides services like

1) Sex Therapy and Counselling

2) Sex education

3) Premarital Counselling

4) Marriage Counselling

5) Psychotherapy

6) Hypnotherapy

7) Male Sexual Problems

8) Female Sexual Problems



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