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Saurabh Kalyana | NLP Life Coach

  • Brief Description:
    Fear & Phobia management, Life Transformation, Painful past, Bright future, Any kind of Addiction, Improve Personal & Business relations, Life & Business Goals, Business strategy, Life strategy.'
  • Credentials:
    NLP Life coach & Holistic Healing
  • Testimonials:
    1. Saurabh bhai has helped me overcome all my fears and uncertainities i had developed during covid lockdown phase. Cant thank him enough for pulling me out of my troubles. Thanks a lot. 2. A great philosopher,mind set changer and personality..I never hear this type live coach..A great experience ..Thanks Saurabh Sir. 3. Saurabh sir helped me to solve various problem that were going in my mind. Amazing experience. 4. Mr Saurabh kulyana is the best nlp coach and counseler .he is a best knowledgeable and deep understanding of mind .and his questions are so impressive and deep diging in mind. 5. Thanks for Healing my deep wounds.... Million of Thanks.... I can never do this with self help.. Its possible with your healing or guidance. 6. Life is simple, it has always been. What is complex is our brain, and that’s the main reason why we perceive life as being complicated. Embrace life for what you have and embrace life for who you are, as what you have others might envy and who you are might be secretly being admired by millions. Thank u Saurabh sir
  • Opening Hours:
    9.00 Am To 9.00 Pm On Weekdays & Weekends

Saurabh Kalyana | NLP Life Coach

Saurabh Kulyana is NLP Life Coach &  Holistic Healer in Delhi. He work with people to understand their thinking and behavioral patterns, emotional state, and aspirations. NLP seeks to build effective communication between conscious and unconscious mental processes to help people increase creativity and problem-solving skills.

Call / Whatsapp @ 7011262741



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