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Priya Kaul | Tarot Reader | Reiki Grandmaster | Past Life Regression Expert

  • About Me:
    Reiki grandmaster, Angelic Medium, Past Life Regression expert, and Tarot Card Reader- Priya Kaul is all these and more. An intuitive spiritual healer and coach Dr Kaul brings with her a decade of experience offering clarity, guidance, and hope to clients all over the world.
  • Credentials:
    Along with her many titles, Dr Kaul is also a Karmic Healer, Aura Reader, practitioner of Numerology and switch words, Spells, Hypnosis, and Dream Interpreter. She has completed an International Certified Course of MTHS (Merlin Trinity Healing Systems) which is a globally acclaimed course. She is also an certified dream interpreter internationally. It is her constant strive for learning that has taken her to these levels of recognition worldwide. Across the world, people know and love her and she is forever finding ways to make their lives better. Dr Kaul has also been on a number of TV shows from channels such as India News, India Today, Amar Ujjala, Careworld TV, Voice of Nation.
  • Testimonials:
    Kia Ora! Greetings from New Zealand! I am short of words to express what a joy Dr Priya is. The moment I connected with her, I could feel positive energy all around me and within me. She doesn't believe in ball talks and all superficial statements. I feel so much better, so much more self-aware after conversing with her, I could go on and on! I still face challenges but the sense of strength, confidence and peace I have now is just amazing. So, many thanks from the bottom of my heart Dr Priya.
  • Opening Hours:
    10:00 am-5:00 pm -Monday-Saturday

Priya Kaul:( Tarot Card Reader | Reiki Grandmaster | Past Life Regression Expert)

Dr Kaul has been a healer and coach for the last 10 years now. Her approach to healing is a holistic one- a coming together of the mind, body, and soul. She works with people to help them identify and discover their own powers and gifts that she believes we all possess. Through this work, she is able to help individuals overcome challenges in their lives. She says “Each human being has a spirit guide; it may be a departed loved one or someone else, and these spirit guides keep cautioning us, advising us, and foreboding us.. if only we will listen to them.’’

A strong follower of modalities, Dr Kaul believes them to be more potent than allopathic remedies. Healing comes from within once we identify the needs of our own selves. Dr Kaul says that the people who come to her, have most likely stumbled upon her looking for answers. Just like she once was. Maybe they have some idea of what they want, but still feel like something is missing, like there’s some disconnect with their own lives. Maybe their lives aren’t what they envisioned them to be. They may not know exactly what they need but they feel a certain sense of longing. They know there is something beyond their present experience. There is something more.


This ‘more’ that these individuals are looking for is real. It may take the form of joy, passion, love, and validation. It is the feeling of being seen, heard, and accepted for who they truly are. To finally be able to realize and meet their life’s purpose. Dr Kaul’s work is a step towards showing them the way to do so. She is here to be their spiritual guide, sleeping disorder, their teacher, their supporter and to guide them to a connection with their own inner guidance.


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